We need to talk about the Plane Crash Topics.

Dear Community.

I’m not a Staff member. I’m not a Moderator. I’m not even a Regular. All I am is a person who spent four years of his life here on IFC, three years of which as an active user. And I’m disappointed.

Yesterday something tragic happened. A Suchoi SU-100 crashlanded in Moscow resulting in the loss of many human lifes.

It has become some tradition that after a significant accident or incident, somebody opens a topic here on IFC to share and discuss news about the event. And don’t get me wrong, that’s fine. I opened such topics myself. It’s a good place to stay informed, share thoughts, send condolences, … And after all, this is an aviation community, and unfortunately, those accidents are part of aviation.

However, sharing news isn’t the only thing that’s happening in the comments of such topics. And what I’m about to write is not just referring to yesterdays Moscow-Accident. It is relating to every topic of that category, like the Ethiopian Airlines Crash or the Lion Air Crash. I’m not going to quote users. I’m not going to shame users publicly. I’m going to write what I’m thinking and why I’m disappointed about the things that are commented under those topics.

When you read through those accident topics, you notice that there are a lot of answers and comments. So many, that it is tough to keep track of what is going on. Some of those comments are links to newspapers. Some send their prayers and condolences. Some share information they know for a fact. And that’s all fine. But sadly, a lot of those comments are pure speculation. Speculations about the cause of the accident, only an hour after it occurred. Speculations if and how many people died. Speculations of what the consequences of the crash might be just hours after the event.

Yesterday’s topic is a perfect example. For a while, all you could read were unconfirmed reports about the number of victims. Some people wrote that there were two victims. Another one said that everybody survived. And another one posted something about 20 victims. Again, everything based on unconfirmed numbers. Therefore, that’s speculation. And speculating itself is one thing. Speculating about the number of victims is just disrespectful and wrong. We’re not just talking about numbers here. Behind every number stands a human life. A Person. And reducing those persons to only unconfirmed numbers is just not right. I want you to imagine for a second that you knew someone on board. And then you come to IFC and start reading that everyone survived. Then you see another comment about 30 victims. Then another one about 2. How would you feel?

Now, let’s move to the next type of speculation: The speculation about the cause of the crash. It is impossible to say what caused the accident only one hour after it happened. One of the worst things I saw in a topic last year was somebody who blamed the pilots just three hours after the first reports. Same thing: Imagine you knew the pilot and then you come across somebody who is blaming him for the accident and the death of dozens of people without any proof, confirmation or whatsoever. This. Is. Wrong.

Something else I see is discussions between users. Those are fine as long as they are constructive, respectful and on-topic. I saw users fighting and almost cursing at one another under such topics. That is just disrespectful. Not only so, but it also spams the comments and makes everything else hard to track. Not everyone needs to see what you guys are discussing. Move it to a PM and keep going there.

One last thing I want to address are the images and videos that are posted sometimes. Somethings just go too far. Yesterday, somebody posted an Instagram video that was taken inside the burning Aeroflot plane. You heard people screaming. You heard children screaming. It was disturbing. I can see that a video like that might be important when it comes to the investigation of the crash. I can also see that the user who posted it might have thought that it’s okay because it’s related to the topic. But I’m 21 years old and it really disturbed me to hear those screams. 21 years doesn’t make me an adult or anything of course, but please don’t forget that we have people here on IFC who are under 15 years old. And especially for those younger users, seeing a video like that can be terrifying. I want to thank @schyllberg at this point who did a great job moderating yesterday’s topic and deleting the mentioned video.

See, this isn’t a majority I’m talking about here. A lot of you are decent, respectful and kind. I got to know so many people on IFC and I’d love to meet all of whom one day. But every day, more than 100 users join IFC. And under every new accident topic, the number of those speculating comments is increasing.

For those of you who didn’t want to read this whole text, here’s a summarization of what I want to ask you:

What I want to ask you is that before you comment: Read again what you wrote, ask yourself if it is based on facts or just speculation. Ask yourself if you would want to read such a comment when you’d be affected. I also ask you to please be careful when posting images and videos. Not everything needs to be here on IFC. Don’t forget that we have children among us and ask yourself if it’s truly necessary to post something like that.

And please: Don’t forget that when we’re talking about victims, every number is a human life that was just erased — a painful loss for somebody out there.

And besides everything about being respectful: If you don’t change that behavior, that kind of topics will probably soon not be allowed here anymore. Yesterday’s topic was just inches away before getting closed. And I would have supported that. Enough is enough.

Thank you for your time. Happy Landings and a good day/night.



It’s a long post and I didn’t read it all but I picked up where you were heading with it. Can’t expect too much from a forum that is mostly under the age of 18.


I highly agree with your post. Thanks for getting this out to our members. I am with you on this and I stand against those ‘rude’ people of the society that are careless


Thank you so much for this topic @Marc
I posted something along the lines of this on the accident report topic, but you sum it all up better. It does get to the point where what people say on the threads are disrespectful. That was very disturbing of a video to watch. And I know some people here on the forum are below the age of 10. For someone that young to have to go through something like that, listening to people screaming for there lives is just cruel. Thank you for this topic


I agree with you. Many people are just guessing on what happened, leading to many arguements and just being disrespectful. I think the community needs this and I think many people will agree.


Very well said, Marc! Especially those polls I think are highly disrespectful.


Very well said!

Everyone needs to take a moment before posting something!

Will it effect anyone? disrespectful? could cause an issue?

These are things we all need to think before posting something instead of rushing and trying to be the first


I couldn’t of said it better myself. Great statement.


I took my time to read everything in this post. I respect the time you took to write this post @Marc

I have to agree with you on what you wrote. These topics are great for news, as I first heard about the accident on the IFC. But at the same time there is always speculation. This is the exact reason I don’t like to post on these topic, because I always find it’s better to see what officials say, then read all of the false information being posted by people who think they know what happened 10min after the accident.

I am just a bit disappointed that whoever thinks it ok to post speculation or disturbing things on the IFC didn’t think before hand. Yes I’ve also posted a few things that where not suitable (for example a fake WIP picture). What I’m trying to say is, that everyone makes mistakes, but I think this topic should be an eye opener to the people who posted something they shouldn’t have.


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Great topic @Marc


Can you guys take it to PM, thanks!

It’s like Marc said, people are arguing over this stuff, which could very easily be settled in PM

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It appears to me that you are creating a problem that doesn’t exist. People who post news articles aren’t speculating. It’s called “citing your sources”. If the media gets it wrong that’s not any of our members fault. I’d think it’s the media’s fault for pushing out information to fast.

I understand that to become TL3 you have to push out content, help folks out here on the forum, and give out a lot of likes, but coming online and talking down to the IFC everyday (I’ve seen a lot of ur post) isn’t a good way to do it.

I don’t have anything personal against you and I don’t mean any disrespect but these are the type of nit picking topics we get when folks are trying to get to TL3 and 4 at the expense of other people here.

I mean your topic starts off throwing out how many years you’ve been here and what your TL isn’t. And I get that your point was that you aren’t trying to police anyone here but I just don’t get the relevance to victim sensitivity and forum etiquette.



So what’s wrong with debate? There are many people who simply don’t agree with what this topic says, not saying I don’t agree. This is a community 🙄


Thanks for your comment, Shawn.

You’re right, I’m not the IFC etiquette police or anything. That’s why I’m not commanding anything. I’m asking for something.

Personally, I really don’t care if I’m TL3 / Regular or not. I don’t need a Regular Tag to help users, comment topics, post something and read. I can already do that right now. What I care for is this community because I spent so much time here. I try to share my thoughts and views with topics like that and that’s why I created this one here.


Nice port Marc. I think the mindset of “I need to post first so I can have the attention” is what trumps most of the aviation related incidents. Folks tend to post stuff with little to not thought and even less regard to others. I hope your post is inspiring to others to change the way they post. If not, I think this sparked a debate on the future of posting any crash related incidents. If folks do not have the maturity and self control for their own actions, then we may need to make some changes on this battlefront. But I agree, leave it to those select few to ruin it. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Flag and PM those accountable and maybe things will improve. The community decides…


Then I vote end topics of aviation related accidents

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I’m not asking for a legitimate answer in this topic. The statement was for something for you guys to mentally consider moving forward.


It’s apparent to me that it’s your motivation for saying everything that you have said up until this point is to reach TL3 and above. Now you say that isn’t the case. But you and @DeerCrusher aren’t realizing is that there is a whole topic set aside to talk about real world aviation and what you guys are saying is they can’t talk about it like this or that.

All anyone is doing citing news sources that are putting information out there! that’s a responsible writer. If the information concerning victims changes that’s not anyone on here’s fault and They should not be shamed for being concerned about how many people were hurt in an accident. I mean seriously.

It appears as though that you have accomplished your mission and you are on your way.


Great post Marc! This is the sole reason I don’t post in those topics anymore. This does remind me of think before you post and then leads me to this topic…