We need realistic buildings and airports

What do you think guys?
Hi guys infinte flight need to add realistic 3D buildings and airport i think it will be realistic more like xplane11image


Vote here for 3D building in IF:

Devs are currently working on other stuff… all in good time.


Yah me too

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They have stated they are working on the framework to put them in the sim in the future, keep in mind you are comparing a PC Simulator to a mobile one.


I dont see why you created this topic.


Hey there! Welcome to the community! This is what the #features category is for. You can vote for the link @Ondrej gave, that’s the 3D building request.

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I know but i think in our new devices will be great 👍🏽

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Okay yes vote for it if you want to see it, and as stated it’s a mobile sim. furthermore we spend 10-15 minutes on ground and countless hours in the air… Therefore more important things they need to add other then 3D buildings…


Yes we need 3d buildings

There’s no discussion about what we need and such. The wonderful development team will add what they want when they want and to their standards all we gotta do is wait👍

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We will wait the infinte flight team is perfect 👌🏽

Infinite flight had the potential to add buildings in the sim.

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Yes thats right

Not a bad idea, but we can only do this if there is an option to disable it to not lag devices or to not put performance demands on devices if this were to be permanent :/.

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Please vote for them in #features