We need more misc. messages xD

We really need more misc messages…especially “Dont request Takeoff from gate” I find myself constantly sending “please check help pages for ATC assistance” even though I know its not getting through to them…thats just an example of a message we need.


Lettine the ATC type out customer messages can be useful. Cough Mac App Cough.


If I had to pick one message to add, it would be a ‘runway xx is not in use’. I know that’s what ATIS is for, but we don’t have that luxury very often. I find myself needing that while doing other ground and tower.


That probably be better…but in not sure if everyone is mature enough to handle that typing…we already saw it with the Atis

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Fair enough, but there would be server logs. A complaint department would be good, and someone can pull the logs and make a verdict. And screenshots as well.

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Also " that runway is closed "

@KCCO_WestOne that seems a pretty good idea, and if a plane tries to land/take off from that runway it is a violation and they lose standing?

Very often when both sides of a runway is open or green on the map pilots don’t realise that only one side can be active , it would be nice to have a message informing them that only a particular runway is active. Also a way in which atc operators at a given airport can send msgs to each other regarding active runways , etc , like if tower could tell ground not to allow push back as traffic is full on the runway , or if the aircraft is too big for that particular runway .

There is a message that says ‘please only request takeoff when first in line’ - can’t remember if it’s under ‘broadcast’ or ‘misc’ though

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