We need more dings

Ding dong, hello! In IF we just hear the ding when the seatbelts are going on, can we get all the real world one? Here are A FEW examples, ding after takeoff means the gear is getting retracted. 3 low pitch ding dongs, means that we are approaching turbulence, and much much more, please add this :)

This sounds cool. I think we could have a button that just says “Cabin Ding” or something. I’ll think about clearing a vote :)


I’ve never heard a cabin ding after takeoff with the gear being retracted.


I would love this good idea

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This is a really good idea

With a ding ding here and a ding ding there, 3 dings here 3 dongs there everywhere a ding dong.

Sounds interesting, but personally I like the dings as they are for simplicity’s sake.


You only hear that on Airbus aircraft.

Note that you can replicate these noises by just cycling the seatbelt sign during flight. Once you pass 10,000 feet, hit the seatbelt sign for the ding.


I haven’t heard it with the gear retraction precisely either. But some airlines have SOP’s to release the FAs shortly after takeoff in the after takeoff flow which may be correlated soon after the gear is retracted? Might’ve been what was being referred to. Either way, I think just cycling the seatbelt sign is suitable instead of an additional chime button


I always love that seatbelt sound, feels like about to pilot that ship for real.

Sometimes we think more about the big stuffs (with ages to develop and test) to get “realism”,
and forgot a lot more simple asks could build a whole packet of immersive experiences in the mean time.
Audio, Texts, etc.
So with that concept lots more of small stuffs = More detailed immersive experience!

VOTED. Thanks for posting!

I’ve seen another example for a small soft feature like this one. It was a feature request for pilots to say the more correct term “Ready for departure” instead of “Ready for take-off”.
Also another good one to add more function for the “Unable” command to reason with ATC as pilots do.
These are good examples, dunno nothing about software dev but could soft features like these and the one above hop a ride in any major updates?


Yea I like that idea too this sounds cool :)

I just voted!

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This “Ding” actually exists.
However, only with Airbus aircraft. This tone sounds automatically after the landing gear has been correctly retracted.
I would love to see it come into play.
Here is an example:

just fast forward to minute 3:29!
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Just wanna add one more thing, imagine coupling this with IF-Assistant:

“Gear up!” Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… “Ding!

And we know we’re good to go!


It’s Altso ding sounds in Boeing when a Aircraft is entering a runway.

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It’s a different sound. What you mean is triggered by the pilot himself. by pressing the No Smoking switch once!
Boeing does not have this “Ding” that was mentioned here.

What you’re talking about are cabin chimes. It’s not a standard of how to do this, it’s based on operator SOP.

  • There isn’t any ding when the gear is retracted. Not sure when or how you’ve heard this, there isn’t any benefit of doing so. You might have heard the ding after takeoff when the cabin crew are released from their stations to prepare for service, but this is after gear retraction…

  • There isn’t any set number of dings for different kinds of things. The “dings” en route for turbulence is actually turning on the seatbelt sign, which is followed by the captain announcing it.

The “standard” dings based on lots of operators are:

  • Seatbelt chime upon entry, during boarding (if not already lit)

  • Cabin chime when cleared to enter the runway or take off, different operators do this differently as a “final call” for cabin crew to secure at stations if they have been waiting in queue whilst still being “cabin ready etc”

  • Some operators chime after departure to signal cabin crew to start service

  • Seatbelt off at around 10,000 and/or clear air (different SOP’s on when to turn off, don’t start that discussion again here lol)

  • In case of turbulence, seatbelt on

  • In case the pilots need cabin crew attendance (want coffee, need restroom etc)

  • Seatbelts on descent, around 10,000ft again (SHUSH)

  • Seatbelts off at gate

Note: Some planes have a different kind of chime for urgent cabin crew attendance (in case of imminent of impending emergency etc), often it’s just a very loud and double ding. There is also internal “dings” that cabin crew use to communicate internaly, or passengers to cabin crew.


Bumping this. We should just have a “ding” button that just makes the sound and that’s it.

To add on to that, some don’t even use that. Some just make a PA “number one to the flick deck” or something of that effect. So yeah, it really depends on SOPs

Edit, maybe the button some people have said about could say “attendant call” as I think that is what is says in most aircraft IRL.

I just double tap the seatbelt sign fast and that gives a single ding sound

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Yeah, that’s what I do