We need better Airbus!

A330 A340 nose down cruising
A320 A380not best wing

Do They care about Boeing not Airbus or will it all be fixed by Global?


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I’m sure they will rework those aircraft soon.

@Kevin Please do not move this into #features. He is only TL1, so he does not have permission to post there.


Only 1 feature per request please

These reworks have already been requested and as for the A320 that’s a new model and so it doesn’t need a rework.

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Ok sorry I didn’t know

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I agree that some Airbus models are not very good in Infinite Flight, however this is not the way to make the devs aware of this. :)


Please don’t post in the developer category, as it’s reserved for game Devs/FDS, and, this is a duplicate, both of them are, so this’ll be closed by moderators due to it’s duplication. ;)

@bobby, yea apologies, was writing a post and changing the topic, didn’t see the trust level ;)

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Don’t worry about it ;) Welcome to the community!

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