We need airport LROP become 3D!


LROP it’s Bucharest airport in Romania !
It’s the biggest airport in Romania and very popular in Europe !

But we need this airport 3D ! Because it’s my dream ! And all Romanians players want this airport !


hint hint, this is not the way to go about asking an editor to build an airport. u never know when someone might be building it, but also requesting it like this is not gonna do u much good.

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Sorry if I bothered you n

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u didn’t i’m just giving u some advice so u dont get into a habit of asking for airports like this

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It’s alright :)

If you want an airport to become 3D and nobody is working on it, you can apply to IFAET and make it yourself! Apply here :)
If you don’t want to do that, you should just wait for someone to make it, it should not take very long at this rate ;)

Have a nice day!


How can I become IFAET ?

look at the link/post above

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Ok thanks !

See highlighted post