We need a absolute shut down on the trolls on expert server

There are WAY to many trolls on Expert Server, I did a experiment to see what happened on my experience on expert server, in 1 month, this is everything I got on EXPERT

  1. Plane landed at 235 knots
  2. Plane did not Go around when I was to slow on getting off the runway
  3. Plane ran into me in a F-22 4 times by the same guy

The list goes on!!!

What should these new rules be in Unicom?
The server is monitoring all of you things that you are doing, this is on ES.

If you crash into a aircraft, you get disconnected,

If you land at a TFR airport, and you do not follow the restrictions, You get Disconnected

If you take large aircraft at small airport on, you get disconnected

And etc

And let’s say you have a ground over speed, instead of 20 seconds to fix it, you have 10.
Reduce maximum violation to 2 instead of 5

And if you do just plane “stupid” stuff, you get disconnected,

This is a Shutdown on all the trolls on ES on Unicom

There is no reason to not vote, please vote so these trolls can be put to a end

I like the concept, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. Not only would it be hard to decipher a troll and a user who “came in too fast”, but it would be heavily focused on an AI like software and wouldn’t be too easy for the devs to add


Also happened to me today on a group flight.


How so? It should just be easy to add it as normal things

I don’t think you’ve ever coded, nor finished reading my post.


May you pls put in a vote to stop this please? @Z-Tube @Frequentfliyer

Hello mate,

We certainly understand the frustration in the circumstances that you have mentioned above.

Obviously if you are at an airport with active IFATC then the IFATC will be enforcing the rules of the Expert Server to the best of their ability to provide the pilots within their control, the best experience possible.

For airports that aren’t being controlled and aircraft are utilizing unicom, there are a certain bunch of people that have the ability to report pilots whilst flying, and we look out for people that aren’t following the rules and are negatively effecting another users experience and deal with this as appropriate.


Also there should be a system where if you are lined up on a closed runway you will be reported

That would happen to often @Frequentfliyer

When you shut down trolls, the trolls multiply. They see how you react to them and they wanna troll more.

As much as you guys look out this is way to much of a problem now. Expert server sometimes feels like casual.

That is true I am just frustrated

No you have the point wrong, if somebody trolls and the game sees it, and they keep doing it, they will just keep losing accessibility to ES @United2

Part of the reason why the grade requirements are the way they are now, was in response to some of these issues. Trolls and users who are simply not familiar with the rules is a constant revolving door and something that will never be fixed. Instead it will likely require adjustments as new features and players are both added to the servers. If you find users blatantly trolling, taxiing through you or others, offensive names/callsigns, or anything that would otherwise make you think that they’re intentionally causing disruption, send a simple message as its occurring to the moderators and someone will try to get to you ASAP.

Again, do realize that not everyone on the Expert Server is a “Professional or Veteran”. Some folks are just getting off of the Training Server where the environment is completely different and those users may not know what they’re doing is wrong. (they probably do but for their benefit lets give them that)