We need 787s

Now, I know we have a 787-9 in IF, which is nice. But why the 787-9 and not the -8?
I think the 787-8 should be added in at least 12 liveries. Let me know what you think!


The 787 is the next aircraft to be reworked, hang on.


Can’t wait for 787-10 in real life then by then we could have a full 787 series in IF!! 😄

The 3 variants have already been requested, feel free to create a livery request for one.

Though honestly it’s better to suspend requests for the time being and then perhaps release a time for requests to flood in when Matt approves of it… Like someone said, we should indeed focus on existing developments rather than continuously requesting for many new aircraft…

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This was already confirmed that 787 was going to be reworked in the next update.