We need 3D

Have any of you almost flown smack into a mountain at night when you are unfamiliar with the area? We should ask for 3D maps if this is a large problem.


This would be a feature request, that would go in the #features category. However, you must be TL2 in order to post there. To get TL2 you can give more helpful replies, like post, be more active on the community and creating topics. You should get there easily.


this is just to see if it is a problem everyone has and not just me.

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I mean, how low are you flying exactly that you’re quote “flying smack into a mountain…”? You gotta be doing something wrong…

Are you asking that 3D maps (terrain) be added in IF? That would make this a duplicate.

Like you can not see the mountains.

This is just to see if it is a problem that is not just me.

A good pilot should always be aware of their surroundings.

You can see the mountains outside?

At night on decent and your are not familiar with the surroundings and there is no way to see terrain on IF.

There used to be terrain maps in IF where you could see the mountain on your map. You can go vote for the feature request above if you’d like that re-implemented

I will thanks for the Info. Also you Josef007


what? is her?

Ladies and gentlemen, or cruising altitude will be about 4,000 feet today. Enjoy your flight.

Having the terrain detailed on the map was possible before due to the fact that we only had small regions. The terrain data for these areas wasn’t too big so it was possible to have this data stored on-device, meaning there was no need to stream this data, which would be very difficult on a global scale. The reason this was removed with global is that it’s very hard to condense such a vast quantity of detailed terrain data down on to one small map, and then require devices to stream it without performance going totally out the window.

However, you’re not alone with your concerns. Half of IFATC are pushing for the terrain map to be added back, and we understand how much people want this feature. Ways of doing it are being looked into! I hope this clears everything up, and thanks for your support!