we may have found MH370

As we all know Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was lost in Flight on March 8,2014 today I’m proud to pronounce that myself and my fellow class mates in aviation may have found the aircraft. the second piece of aircraft conformed to be from malaysian airlines flight 370 was found off the coast of africa. well according to our cancelations. the aircraft was indeed an old aircraft and it was almost over weight. with this in mind the aircraft when crashed into the sea could have crashed in the african tide drifts. if you really dig into the african tides you will see stories of ships that have been battered and set off corse by hundreds of miles. so if our calculations and simulations are correct we can say that we have found a new place to search. in 2014 the african tides were strong going south. if the plane crashed in pieces and not as a whole then the aircraft could be down by the arctic. BUT, if the plane crashed as a whole (unlikely) then it should be about 600 miles off the coast of africa close to the Arctic Circumpolar tide flow. we have tested this theory over 100 times on the simulator, with all different types of malfunctions. even multiple ate on time. and we still get the same results. Ladies and Gentleman i present you, hopefully the answer we have all been waiting for, for 2 years malaysian airlines flight 370s last location and resting place



Hhmmm🤔 You did this? It can be true, but we will probably never know:(

Take this to the authorities then, if you are serious about it


Interesting what school are you attending? Are you planning an expedition to go search?


i want evidence you did tests how you did tests what calculations you made to come to this result especially since we don’t actually know where the plane went down.


Map? Latitude / longitude coordinates?

Have you contacted the Australian authorities? They have a bounty out for info which leads to the discovery of the aircraft.


Announcing you have found MH370 should not be something that you casually just announce with very little evidence to support your claim. It was a terrible disaster and claiming you have found it is in fact an insult to the incident and aviation in general.

If you miraculously have ended up finding where MH370 is I have this feeling than a forum for a slight sim isn’t the place to report it…