We’ll remember you, Queen

Today, March 29, KL686 departed out of MMMX flying to EHAM as KLM’s last 747 flight ever. This is sad for all aviation enthusiasts, and is a very hard day. We will always remember it’s amazing times, landing in St. Martin, or being a combi, or just simply taking us cool places. This is a topic to remember the beauty. If you have any, please reply with your picture if you experienced it in real life, or if you feel the same. RIP KLM Queen. 👑 😭


Today, my heart broke 😖😰😢😥😥😰

We will remember you, our Queen. You will live in our hearts forever.


Technically they’ve still got their 3 cargo 747s 😉

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Oooh I did that flight the other week…

Sad to to see this go, but there’s always another chapter!

True that.

I’m still so sad to see this one go…

You will be missed, KLM 747’s

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