We just passed 5000 registered users on this forum!

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Outstanding! This forum has only been online since May and we’ve already reached the 5,000 users “benchmark”!

Some more statistics for you! Since this Community started in May…

Visits by users to this forum: Almost 65,000
Total registered users: 5,000+
User profiles viewed: 26,000+
Topics created: 8,000+
Posts created within topics: 115,000+
“Likes” given: 106,000+
Flags: 3,270+
Accepted solutions in Support topics: 284+
Emails this forum has sent to all forum users combined: 2,609,000+ (yes, over 2.6 million)

Let’s move on to private messages…

User-to-User: 60,000+
PM’s notifying moderators: 6,800+
PM’s notifying other users: 350+
Total moderator warnings: 110+

Some more miscellaneous information:

User visits from mobile devices: 26,000+
Most referred topic (in the last 30 days): A little early present for the holiday season: fully redesigned A321 for all, FREE!, with 4560+ clicks

Top 5 referrers (in the last 30 days):

  1. @dush19, referring 350 people to 60 topics
  2. @Carson, referring 319 people to 86 topics
  3. @carmalonso, referring 213 people to 13 topics
  4. @Bryan_Gainey, referring 210 people to 6 topics
  5. @Brandon_Sandstrom, referring 196 people to 47 topics

And finally, the top traffic sources (also within the last 30 days):

  1. Google, guiding 7,000+ people to 2500+ topics
  2. Facebook, guiding 6600+ people to 150+ topics
  3. Infinite Flight itself, guiding 1,200+ people to 500+ topics
  4. Twitter, guiding 830+ people to 30+ topics

Nice! I have no life… I love the forum haha

Our kind words have made this community to grow!


100 thousand Infinite Flight users on android alone…

Kudos to everyone that helps manage the community, in the open and behind the scenes, without you we wouldn’t be here.

Also @dush19 you may have referred more people, but I’ve referred more topics;)

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What’s a refferer.

Yay!!! What do I get for getting 4th? Free trophy? 😀

Getting information to more people is important than the amount of information. 😎

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@dush19 @Boeing707… Max Ask’s… Boeing wants to know what a "Referrer "
Is! Me Too! Please define and describe a “Referal” and how one Referes?

Quality over quantity any day!

I know but I don’t know if its correct. Sorry @Boeing707.

I think it means the number of clicks a person gets on his community link, like this.

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Share a link to the post via the share button on the bottom

Someone who posts a link and others click on it.

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Can u pin the Post Globally

Time to celebrate?? We need an event :)

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If we keep on discussing about it, it will stay at the top xD

Woohooo! Party at @dush19 s place! All drinks on @Swang007!

Minus 1 now I have never meat such a bunch of moaning people in any site … That should be posted there … This should be posted here … Are you kidding me ??? Give a new guy a chance !!! Thank you for the welcome !!! Appoligies to all the normal dudes present company accepted but man what a bunch of whining moaning groaning bit&she’s get a life