We just passed 2000 registered users on this forum!

On behalf of our entire Infinite Flight Team, I big thank you for being part of this awesome community! We greatly appreciate your contributions and hope that we will continue to make this forum a great place for all Infinite Flight enthusiasts. From what we can tell, we are quickly becoming one of the most active community using Discourse!

A round a applause for our amazing moderators, who are working very hard to keep all discussions civilized and to provide a healthy environment for our audience.

It is also a good occasion to remind everyone to make sure to read the forum faq as well as each category guidelines before posting. Go read it, really.

If you want to help us, again, read the forum guidelines and help us making this a great place for all our fans.

Happy posting!


Congratulations! Since I signed up to this community, I use it daily! I love Infinite Flight and everything you guys do to make it better! Congratulations!


Congratulations guys!! :) I joined in May when I saw it advertised when I was loading up live.

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I love it more than I like food and I really like food. Haha :)

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I love it too!! Great people to meet here!

It’s always a pleasure to receive/give help from/to someone!

Having to manage 2000 people would be difficult.

I saw came in late May I rhink. Also saw it on the loading screen.

Can’t believe it’s 2k users now! Seems like the same 30 or so people with a couple new posters coming in every now and then

Put the forum on the main loading scren and we can get more people on here

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