We have to talk about the RWA topics..

Hello community
Today I have something I want to share with you, I’m sure I’m not the only one either.

I have noticed that it has become excessive amounts of #real-world-aviation topics here. Of course we have it so we can use it, but this is a forum for a game, not everything happening with airplanes around the world

I’m not saying we should not use it, it is often great discussion there, I understand plane crash topics are bound to come, but as @Marc have stated in a similar topic earlier there is too much speculation there

We also have the “What aircraft would you get rid of” and “what aircraft do you like the most.” It’s interesting when you give reasoning, and well thought comments about why, but it ends in an closure of the topic as it usually ends in Airbus vs Boeing.

If you haven’t noticed the last 24 hours I haven’t posted much, mostly because of RWA topics. It been so many, and I don’t think I’m the only one that really do not care about those, some are interesting, but usually it isn’t so special.

So what do I really try to point out you may think? It’s that stop making more and more and more and even MORE #real-world-aviation topics about what you would do.

Now you may think to yourself “hey @Jens_Severin you are just copying @Marc to get some attention”
No I do not, I’m trying to point out that there are way too much #real-world-aviation topics

I’m not saying the topics are bad, there are just way too many

Fly safe

Sorry Marc for tagging you too much ;)


I feel the same way I am on the forum every day after school and I see mainly the topics that you listed there not that they are a bad thing but to just think over what we want to say and and to not post because you are upset that whoever said this about your favorite airplane it could just be their opinion and you can still value what you like and just to remember that other people have favorites too that might not be the same as you.

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Yeah I would agree that there are some RWA Topics that are a bit unnecessary like “What aircraft would you get rid of” and “We have to talk about the RWA topic”…but those post will always come and there really is no way to stop them other than mods closing them but most of the RWA Post I have seen recently having too do with aviation are actually pretty interesting (which I’m sure some will disagree with)and because of that I use IFC as a news source because most people on here are aviation enthusiast…at this point all you can do is flag a post that seems unesscarry and carry on because there nothing else you can do


We are all brought into this forum due to our shared loved of infinite flight and more broadly aviation as a whole. Yes some topics in that category are tedious but so are many in #general. The great and interesting discussions that can be had outweigh the boring useless topics. The purpose of the forum is to get discussion going and talk about things that we are interested in and #real-world-aviation gives us that rather unique opportunity. People who want to add one line replies to the topics you mentioned above are annoying but at least they’re here! We also have a great team of moderators here who between them read every topic. To a degree it’s up to them what stays and what goes. Let them do their job and decide.


Misunderstand me correct, they are interesting but

It keeps me from posting on the forum since there are almost only that and not really other discussions going on

I was just wondering this and I don’t know if this is the place to do it or not but I just posted a topic about a project that has to do with aviation and I was wondering if that kind of topic would be acceptable or not?

There is no issue in that at all. We all have a passion for aviation here so there is, in my opinion, no better place for that type of topic.


After all… we are aviation based forum!

And like what @Matt said, about how there is some tedious topics on #real-world-aviation and in #general the majority are interesting and I always learn something new!

I don’t think there is anything wrong with #real-world-aviation as I find it always exciting to read on things which I’ve not heard or seen! And after all…majority of the forum are AvGeeks and this is what we like

After all this community is the perfect place to share you #real-world-aviation as there is a large fan base!

And after all…


What plane would you get rid of, and meant other topic isn’t the discussion I’m looking for in an aviation forum. It just isn’t appealing to post there

It’s best to let moderators enforce what they think is ok vs what’s not ok. It is really not your place to be saying this.


I love the way everyone loves to disagree with me

No one is disagreeing with you… just personal opinion buddy !


Were not disagreeing with you were just trying to tell you that we know it’s a promblem and unfortunately theres not a whole lot you can do about it other than flag unesscarry topics and let the moderators decide what’s best…we already have topics like these and they have shown little effect

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Welcome to the forum. Everyone disagrees with each other because that’s just what people do… It’s a forum for communication, and allows for people to disagree with something when they a reply or post that they don’t agree with.

That being said, I disagree with your point. We have moderators for a reason… unless you’re a moderator then these types of topics should not be created by the typical user.


Nobody talks about physics of aircraft’s, the technology behind it. I haven’t seen many intrigued questions…most of them child politics topics. And in here mix of age groups. Its not gonna be fare debate. How can you compare answers from 13yrs old and 45yrs old. Better leave those kinda debates. Its only create toxic atmosphere.

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Hey, look, at least one other person knows what the word ‘forum’ means. Finally.

Re: OP

We just need to end the “What’s your (least) favorite…” topics. It takes no creativity. Every one has been done 50 times before (not hyperbole; run a search). It’s the IFC equivalent of lazy Internet click-bait listicles. The issue isn’t that people disagree, it’s that it offers nothing new or thought-provoking. It’s just another Top 10 Musician Fails YouTube video or article.

It’s okay if people debate. Just give them something worthwhile to debate.

(For those who say “just flag it…”, believe me, I’m aware of that process 😏 It doesn’t mean they need to keep being created just to be flagged. Same with “…no reason!!!” threads. Just because we can flag them doesn’t mean the need to do so should exist.)


I said that sarcastically, Chris, disagreeing is the best way to discuss, but what I do mean is the problem with RWA topics is that there are way too many like “what would you do if you were CEO” and things like that not the best example tho.

I like the topics where we share news about aviation related incidents, but I do think there are way too many other topics that either ends in a verbal fight or Airbus vs Boeing, those topics isn’t good discussions, of course it is opinions, but not good discussions, and when half of the posts I see when I log on the community in the morning I get a little sad

With many new users with different backgrounds/culture and age it’s a challenge to get a forum to run smooth without heating debates.

That being said, I think we should be proud over a great community with users ranging from age 13-70+.

Respect for other opinions and each other is key.

I’m sure Jens had the best intentions with this topic.

Take care :-)


Forum for communication, when asking “what plane do you want to get rid of?” There isn’t much communication nor discussions in those topics!

A true aviation fan if he hear any aircrafts noise he would look up it doesn’t matter what he is doing at the time. He doesn’t even care what aircrafts it is, he will stand there admire it. All this talk of I hate this I hate that crap is shows they are plastic aviation fans. You can dislike some feature in some aircrafts but I’m not sure someone can say he hates it completely. Anyways… I’m not picking on anyone here, just giving some op… this topic already closed…I’m not sure why I opened my mouth :)