We have a phone number for you to call - ATC Command

Please add new command, below:

" @Callsign, let us know when you are ready, we have a phone number for you to call"

Wouldn’t really work in IF. Instead we have the reporting feature instead of giving someone the phone number


For the sake of the game, I would recommend ghosting in place of pilot deviation.

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Reporting people is the in game version of giving someone a number to call


It would be fun if they add this as the vocal command before the report is issued!

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Could be “an IFC user to contact”


It could be cool when you get a report then you hear the ATC say this.

This is a bit redundant, as you get the name of the controller who reported you, if you get a violation…

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I don’t think anyone would be happy if they got their callsign shown being reported by a controller to other controllers so I’m not sure if it’ll work, it doesn’t benefit much.

This is already done. When a pilot is reported, they are told who reported them so they can be contacted.

I know that, trust me, I’ve reported a few people in my days. I’m just saying if you wanted this to be a command, contacting a number isn’t the right thing to say since we aren’t calling each other, instead you’d want them to contact your IFC.

Y’aal missing on the wisdom embedded in this request! Sad! !!

It’s not that wisdom is being missed, it’s the fact that we already basically have this in game, without having the actual wording for “contacting xxx number.” It’s honestly a cool feature request, but unnecessary. We have everything needed already, and this would just clog up the frequency with an unneeded comm

Ngl it’s funny and I’d love to hear it. Always cracks me up when I hear the please check community forum for tutorials message from ATC. Perhaps you could think of a way to integrate it with the current messages and report system, and it’d be more well-received.