We Had to Divert.

1) Background to the photos
For the first time since Marching Band season started, I have done an overnight long haul, from KSLC to EHAM, or so I thought. I had to change my mind when I woke up.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server; 0300Z; KSLC-EHAM with diversion; KLM B787-10
3) Photos

We are parked at the gate at KSLC, with plenty of fuel to make it to Amsterdam. Or so we thought…

The only runway open (the airport was REALLY busy) was runway 14, the shortest runway there. Let’s just say…it was a disaster of a takeoff.

I decided to go for a detour through the mountains. We were really close to crashing into the mountains, but it was worth it.

I was about two hours from EHAM directly after I woke up when I noticed that I wouldn’t make it. So I made the turn towards BIKF.

We had some rough crosswinds on final.
This is the state of our aircraft directly before landing at BIKF, runway 1.
We are parked at a gate at BIKF, trying to contact the company about our incident.

Eventually, we were able to continue onward to EHAM.

How are the pictures! @AlphaSeven, I used FreeCam! Thank you for the recommendation!.


Great pictures but I recommend using the replay feature as you can get beautiful pictures because of the ability to pause time to get those right angles, but still good job

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To me they look like they were taken in the replay. Anyway great shots mate, keep clear of the the mountains and enjoy the fountains.


Nice shots! I recommend zooming in on the aircraft more.

But other than that they’re great!

They were taken in the replay.

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Thank you! I’m glad that you’re helping me make better pictures!

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