We had to close the windows in the middle of the flight

Hi everyone!

I were flying from Paris to Abu Dhabi, and, in the middle of the flight (It’s was in the night), a steward asked everybody to close the “windows” (I don’t know how you call the plane windows in english, sorry!).

Can someone explain me why do we had to close the windows?

ghost outside the aircrafts, do not offense passengers ^^

lol its a joke (please not flag)…

Seriously i dont remember have the same experience…

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Cabin lighting should always be adapted to the outside for safety reasons.


Oh, okay! Thanks @Laurens!

Eyes have to be adjusted to light in the event of an emergency evac. Can’t go running out of a plane with your eyes tuned to bright light. Will take a while to get oriented and in an evac, speed is key, seconds mean everything. Althought you can’t guarantee everyone will be up to par in the middle of he night, the situation could be slightly better.

Also some people like sleeping so the bright moon shining into the cabin would keep those folks awake.

Airplane windows or airplane lightshades is what I use by the way-You correctly know how to use the word.


Maybe there were UFOs spotted outside and the order from the government was to close the windows.
Just a conspiracy theory


closing window shades, especially during night times is a joke!

You’re missing alot

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Sometimes you can really miss the beautiful moon. It’s not pitch black all the time, You can see little town with mini lights. To see that you have to switch off your cabin light, if you don’t you’ll end up seeing ghost of yourself.