We Didn’t Go To St. Gallen Airport [03-16 Mar 2023]

@AndrewWu, @Kamryn, and @Transport_Hub forced me to drive 20 hours around Europe in a week. At least they gave us a BMW. As the title says, we did not go to St. Gallen Airport.

Luxair Q400 pulling into it’s gate at LCY

Austrian A320 making the climb out of the valley in Innsbruck

Eurowings A320 starting it’s turn on to Runway 08

TUI 737 arriving on runway 08 after a sunset flow change

Swiss Hornet getting ready to taxi to the active runway at Payerne

ITA A220 getting ready to taxi out to Rome

Swiss Hornet full send out of Meiringen

Swiss Hornet full send part 2

British Airways A320 arriving at ZRH

Bombardier Global 6000 lining up in Geneva

Section departure for a pair of Swiss Tigers

Captions under the pictures to piss off @AndrewWu



125 mph on winters go brrrr



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