We create airport as a place around the world, then select and fly!

Hello guyzz

An alternative to Global Flight or news regions

features like that:

  • Somebody can add a airport around the world by built it into the IFAE (airport editing)
  • When is finished, it sended to IFAE admin for approval
  • When approved, the place can be set in IF as a starting point.

Exemple with LSGG:

1 ) i made LSGG airport
2 ) devs approved my work
3 ) appeared to a list “other airport” “community contributes”
4 ) select LSGG airport
5 ) spawn at the parking place of the created region

do you see what i mean?

If it doesn’t exist in real life it shouldn’t be in IF.


It wont be realistic.

A simulator is supposed to be as realistic as possible, and this would minimize the sense of realism in my opinion.

This is why approbation process have to do:

  1. à username request the airport
  2. made it
  3. send it
  4. the IFAE check issues and really exist
  5. send to database

And in the scenery page

Southern California
South Florida
community contributes…

yes but already a great sim…
we run it on mobile devices!

Maybe can be implemented in PC version

If it networks with other users I do not perceive any customization. In my opinion (and I believe this is the intent of IF) is to simulate real world as best as possible.

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It wouldn’t just be a case of creating the new airport either, I’m assuming there’d be additional work involved with creating waypoints? And it’s not like there’s not already hundreds of individual airports already available to us to use. It’s a nice thought but I think it would be more trouble than it’s worth,