"We are the Malaysian Kites" || Malaysian Airlines Virtual Group || Official Thread

Hello all, I would like to introduce Malaysian Virtual Airlines! This VA was certified by IFVARB and IFFG!

About Malaysian Airlines Virtual Group (IFMAVG)

We are a VA of Malaysian and also one of the well-known airline in South East Asia. Malaysia Virtual Airlines’ hub is located in West Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur International Airport(WMKK). We decided to build this VA because Malaysian Virtual Airlines is not on the IFVARB list. We have a very active discord group and facebook messenger group.
What can you experience in your career?

In Malaysian Airlines Virtual Group, we have a fleet of 7 aircrafts and 6 ranks available for you to achieve! Also, you can either choose be an ATC for events and scheduled operations or a Pilot who flies all over the world from Kuala Lumpur(WMKK). You can choose to be both at once too! Malaysian Airlines Virtual Group offers a unique experience to our pilots, weekly events, immediate atc services or more.

About Malaysian Airlines Virtual Group Academy

Malaysian Airlines Virtual Group Academy is built for Infinite Flight. All operations are conducted and observed by our Chief Trainer.

Where to?

Malaysian Airlines Virtual Group has over 100 domestic and international routes. The Oceania, Asia or Europe is all in your hands. Malaysian Airlines Virtual Group do no fly to Antartica for realsim.

Our Mission and Vision?

Mission: To build a community of pilots that will fly and make Kuala Lumpur International Airport(WMKK) a crowded airport.
Vision: To promote Malaysia Airlines to the infinite flight community and seek for more malaysian planes in the servers.

Join us

Intetested to join us? Click here to apply for one of the best active VA! Recruitment status : OPEN
-Going Beyond Expectations
-From Chief Captain of IFMAVG

IFMASVA is no way affiliated with any real world airline. All images and logos belong to their respective owners. Please do not take our images or logo.

Visit our webpage ifmasva.weebly.com for more infos about our VA
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Woohoo! MAS is back!


Nice thread! Really looking forward to seeing where this goes

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Thank you for your compliment @MisterButler if you would like to join us, please visit our website available above, we always, await your presence there🙂

Thanks a lot @Connor_Seymour we are ready to wait for you at IFMASVA, if you want to know more information about IFMASVA please visit the website ifmasva.weebly.com, thank you😃🙂


Congratulations. You have a great fleet to fly. I hope for the best


thank you very much Capt! @Ryan_Vidad 😃🙂✈

Best of luck to this VA! Looks good! :)


Thank you @BigBert10 for your support

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Glad to see the addition of yet another Oneworld VA. Looking forward to great things from you all!

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Thanks a lot Nichalas, we are happy to join the Oneworld alliance, and also we are ready to cooperate with fellow VA from the Oneworld alliance🙂😉😃


I have seen your promotions of MASVA in instagram. And I’m looking forward to be part of this VA in the future! 😊✈

Awesome job, Fariz!


Thank you so much for your support and praise George, we are ready to cooperate😃🙂.

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