We Are Southwest. Heart Sets Us Apart. Closed for Renovations

Southwest Virtual has been a member of the Infinite Flight Community for almost two years. In our time on the forum, we revolutionized the VA category with a new organization that also puts the focus on virtual passengers with our Booking Department and Rapid Rewards program. But our pilots are still the most important aspect of our VA, which is why our top of the line Flight Operations Department gives pilots everything they need to fly as realistically as possible. Whether you are a pilot or a passenger, this is the perfect VA for you!

With the new addition of service to Alaska, Hawaii, and terminated destinations formerly served by AirTran, Southwest Virtual now has flights to and from 127 cities in the United States and 11 other countries. This new service brings our total route count to over 1,400 routes. Traditionally an airline that only serves domestic cities, Southwest Virtual is perfect for pilots who like to fly short to medium haul flights in the North America region. Future service to new cities in this region and Possibly South America will be dependent on pilot demand and compatibility with our current aircraft. Please note that while we fly every route the real SWA offers, some have been added for our pilots and are not flown by SWA.

New Service Crew Bases

Southwest Virtual Routes
Southwest Virtual Interactive Destination Map

Along with our traditional 737 fleet, we have removed our additional aircraft from our AirTran service. This will bring our current fleet to the Boeing 737-700, and Boeing 737-800. You can find more information about our fleet below, or on our website and crew center.

  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 737-800

Southwest Virtual Fleet Listing
Southwest Virtual Fleet Information

Since the beginning, Southwest Virtual has never been very big on limiting what or where you can fly because of your seniority, rank, or any other reason. As such, while we do have a ranking system, it does not put any stipulations on the routes or aircraft you can fly. It is merely there to quickly determine how many hours you have, and is there for those pilots who like to climb up the ranks. Career Ranks are Trainee through ATP Captain and TopFlight Ranks are from Bronze to Platinum.

Career Ranks

Rank Hours
Trainee 0-7 Hours
Second Officer 7-25 Hours
First Officer 25-50 Hours
Senior First Officer 50-70 Hours
Captain 70-110 Hours
Senior Captain 110-170 Hours
ATP Captain 170-200 Hours

TopFlight Ranks

Rank Hours
Bronze 200-300 Hours
Silver 300-450 Hours
Gold 450-600 Hours
Platinum 600+ Hours

Southwest Virtual Rank Information

With Southwest Virtual, you can book a flight as a passenger, and then watch your flight live in Infinite Flight. To book, simply fill out the form on our website. After you’ve done so, a member from our Booking Department will contact you with a flight itinerary and more details. 24 hours before departure, check in for your flight and receive a boarding pass. Then, watch your flight on LiveFlight or fly alongside your pilot. Finish your flight and repeat!

You can also book a cargo flight and ship any goods, parcels, or anything else in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Book on our website, get a cargo slip, and drop it off at the airport. Then, watch the aircraft fly and once on the ground, someone you designate can pick it up, or we’ll forward it to a ground deliver service. Like passenger booking, the flight is live in Infinite Flight with a real Southwest Virtual pilot.

If you are a frequent flyer with Southwest Virtual, you can register for a Rapid Rewards account and earn points for all of the flights you fly. Simply sign up on our website, and a member of our Booking Department will send you a Rapid Rewards card. Then, you can earn points on all of your bookings and receive new benefits as you level up. All of the Rapid Rewards information is available on our website.


  • Alaska Virtual

“The Eskimo Heart Sets Us Apart”

Position Name Contact For
Executive Management Director @VegasAviation Sponsorships, disciplinary issues, and general inquiries.
Flight Operations Director VACANT CEO assistance, ranking, and PIREPs.
Human Resources Officer @Kaleb_Jordan Internal Airline Information
Booking Director VACANT Contact for flight status, information, itineraries, and Rapid Rewards.
Events Director @harmondrew465 Contact for all event details, upcoming events, sponsorships, etc.
Recruitng Directors @Luke_Sta @CaptainBaez @Suhas Contact for applications.
Training Directors @samueltherohtlaan Leaders of the new and upcoming Pilot Academy by Southwest Virtual. Contact @VegasAviation and @Kaleb_Jordan in a message to apply.

Listed from Fastest to Slowest response

  • PM one of our staff members
  • Send us an email swvirtualif@gmail.com
  • DM us through Instagram @swvirtualif
  • Fill out our contact form

Type Link
Main Website Click here
Booking Website Click here
Crew Center Coming Soon!
Instagram Click here
E-Mail swvirtualif@gmail.com
Pilot Folder Click here
Event Schedule Click here
Pilot Handbook Click here
Line Check Procedures Coming Soon!

Note: There are several phony Southwest Virtual Instagram accounts. Our only account is @swvirtualif

As a Southwest Virtual pilot, you would be joining one of the Infinite Flight Communities’ most professional, active, and advanced VA. You would operate our fleet of Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800 across nearly 45 routes Pre-Global, and 1,000+ routes Post-Global. Our pilots have access to everything they need, including route and fleet information, airport ramp locations, charts, and maps, as well as a dedicated staff team.

  • Must have an active and valid PRO subscription
  • Must have an active Infinite Flight Community Account
  • Be able to pass a Written Exam and a 737 Line Check
  • Have a drama-free past on the IFC and other Infinite Flight-related communities/groups


  • Maintain a professional and realistic manner when flying or interacting on our Slack channel.
  • Respect our rules and regulations as listed in the handbook and other documents.
  • Treat everyone with respect and have a good attitude.
  • File a flight at least once every 7 days.

Southwest Virtual Recruiting Director @Luke_Sta and his team handle all candidates. Please fill out an application, or contact him with any questions regarding the process.

Apply Now


Website | Booking Website | Crew Center | Instagram | Southwest Virtual 2019


Nice thread!


I applied for a position as pilot 2 days ago. I hope you guys can get back to me soon! Anyways, awesome thread.

Yup! We have it. We’ll be on it ASAP! Thanks for joining us.

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Y’all fly to Barrow, AK?

yes, we do! From PANC and PAFA!

Since when have you fused with Alaska? 😂

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Our old CEO put those in, I guess they are some old AirTran routes or something like that @Tsumia

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Very nice thread, just applied for pilot :)

I have always loved Southwest Virtual threads! Kudos to you @anon42527263.

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Thank you!

Staff Applications are open!

We are pleased to announce that we have opened staff applications to all IFC Members! After choosing from our available positions, click on the link to the application and get to work! We are expecting well thought answers, with logical reasoning.

Human Resources Department

These are the people that will moderate Slack Channels, as well as solve minor disputes.
Link : https://forms.gle/TJrxpprVAK9jUsTj6

Training Department

These are the people that will train pilots in the new and upcoming Pilot Academy by Southwest Virtual.
Link : https://forms.gle/n34vNEGsDkEQkqQr6

Booking Department

These are the people who are in charge of Southwest Virtual’s Virtual Passengers’s! They will work with peers to ensure flights get assigned to pilots.
Link : https://forms.gle/QGvvGaMJwhDBN9k49

– Kaleb Jordan, Human Resources, SWVA


Already applied, I hope everything goes well.

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Amazing thread guys!


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Staff applications are going to be open for the next week instead of Monday! Make sure to apply with the links above!


We’re looking for some new instructors to help me out training pilots and creating new resources! Scroll up to apply!