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I am currently resorting this with @MJL_Productions now.
However I did meet the booking requirements and he gave me all the information however the pilot ran out of battery he said and I checked in.
Here my boarding pass image
And also in the booking site says please book 4 days in advance and I booked 5 days in advance.


Apologies, I was not aware that he changed the requested time. Enjoy your flight.


Thank you sir! I look forward as well!


This is completely wrong, we only ask that you file at least once flight every 7 days, if you are unable we advise to file a leave of absence. We feel this is pretty lenient. Please refrain from spreading incorrect information. If you have any issues with our rules you can DM me or Jackson directly.


You are entitled to your own opinions, however the Inactivity Documents are private VA Information. Which shouldn’t be shown publicly on the IFC


You should be referring to our Handbook for our actual rules.


I should try to do the booking system again :) I think I messed it up last time somehow. Looking forward to seeing one of you guys fly my flight again :)


Just applyed!
Wish me luck


OMG yay
Just passed my written exam


Good luck on your Line Check!



Southwest Virtual is pleased to announce initial preliminary service to three Hawaiian destinations beginning this month, and continuing through May. Our rollout schedule will follow that of the real-world Southwest Airlines.

March will mark the beginning of mainland service, with our first new route available. During April, you’ll see continuing service rollouts for west coast cities, as well as the introduction of inter-island routes. New flights in May and June will wrap up our first phase of Hawaii rollouts, and introduce new connecting service for the rest of our route network.

The following schedule for rollout is preliminary and subject to change:

March 17: Oakland (OAK) and Honolulu (HNL)
April 7: Oakland (OAK) and Kahului (OGG)
April 28: Honolulu (HNL) and Kahului (OGG) [Inter-Island Service]
May 5: San Jose (SJC) and Honolulu (HNL)
May 12: Honolulu (HNL) and Kona (KOA) [Inter-Island Service]
May 26: San Jose (SJC) and Kahului (OGG)

Connecting Service through Honolulu (HNL):

May 12: Oakland (OAK) and Kona (KOA)
May 12: San Jose (SJC) and Kona (KOA)

You can view our full flight schedules here.

Additional service to/from Kauai (LIH), Los Angeles (LAX), Ontario (ONT), Orange County (SNA), Long Beach (LGB), Burbank (BUR), and San Diego (SAN) will be announced on later dates.

All routes will be operated with Boeing 737-800 series aircraft. Additional aircraft will be moved to Oakland (OAK) and San Jose (SJC) for pilots and additional flight strips will be added to accommodate extra traffic, if needed.

We look forward to beginning service in islands shortly. Flights will be added to the Crew Center for pilots the night before each launch, and you may book these flights now using the Book By Southwest. feature on our booking website.

Let’s all say Aloha to the Paradise of the Pacific!

Press Release

What Hawaii destination are you most exicted for?

  • Honolulu (HNL)
  • Kahului (OGG)
  • Kona (KOA)

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Our first events by SWV pilots have already been posted. Go check them out an join us for inaugural service!

<ARRIVED> [27 Attending (21 Confirmed), 2 Standby, FULL] {Sponsored by Plane and Pilot Events, Southwest Virtual, & Tailwinds Flying Club} Aloha Southwest Airlines @KOAK 171810ZMAR19

Awesome thread. Is it possible that I can volunteer? I’d like to volunteer on flights from Manchester, NH

Here’s a list of destinations (includes both existing and cut routes)

Manchester-Boston regional Airport

Origin Destination
Manchester, NH (KMHT) Albany, Baltimore-Washington, Chicago-Midway, Nashville, Kansas City, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Ft Laudedale, Tampa, Orlando

I don’t wish to join as I run my own VA, but I’m willing to at least volunteer for my local airport. I’ve also included The above are routes that include those that have been cut.


We’re glad you like the thread. I’ve DMed you to prevent clutter in the thread.


You have the wrong airport code for Lihue. You also do not list Lihue in the poll.


Southwest has not released any details or information about service to Lihue yet. You can read more about the service Southwest has to Hawaii directly on their website by clicking here!


They actually have. I am already booked on KSAN-PLIH


They are flying to Lihue out of KSJC, KSAN, KSMF, and KSFO



Southwest might be flying to Lihue, but at this point, they are not selling tickets there yet.

And they are certainly not flying to Hawaii from San Francisco


🤔🤔first of all buddy, my mom is a FA for Southwest. Second of all, who isn’t to say SWA flies to Hawaii from SFO. It is one of their biggest hubs


Nope, Southwest is not big at SFO whatsoever.

They have 10 destinations from there XD
compared to like 26 from SJC

And yes, SFO is a big hub, but you must be thinking of Alaska and United. This is Southwest.