We Are Southwest. Heart Sets Us Apart. Aloha Hawaii.


You have made a outstanding choice on joining Southwest Virtual! I 100% guarantee you will love it at SWV!


So I went to apply and I wanted to request St. Louis as a crew base like it states on the forum, but St. Louis was not an option on the application. Can you change this?


@MakDak only certain hubs/focus cities are crew bases.


I understand, but it has Nashville as a crew base and I know for a fact that Nashville is not a crew base for Southwest Airlines in real life. Unless y’all are picking and choosing randomly from the real focus cities of Southwest Airlines.


We chose crew bases to spread out the options geographically. They don’t have much of an impact on where pilots can fly anyway. Not to mention, STL isn’t a SWA crew base either.


That is correct. But realistically speaking, it’s a busier focus city than Nashville in terms of flights and destinations served. And New Orleans isn’t even a focus city for Southwest Airlines. But I understand what you mean by spreading it out. Great forum by the way. It really does look nice!


I will still apply too.


I will this age limit was at 25.


If the age limit were to be 25, there would be very few Pilots part of the VA


At least you know it would be a very professional VA. That’s something I want to be apart of. I’m having a very hard time joining a VA currently and immaturity is a major concern.


@Cpt_elpuru Age restrictions are not the only thing that makes a VA professional… If you’re worried about immaturity, rest assured, it is not a problem at SWV. We evaluate how you act during the application process, and if it becomes an issue later on, you are removed.


Adding on to what Jackson has just mentioned, Southwest Virtual has been known for there pilots for some time know. As I pilot myself, I can assure you that every single member is mature, knowledgeable, and extremely kind. Everyday I learn more and more about Southwest Airlines and the 737 that it is unimaginable. If there is someone who isn’t appropriate for the Virtual Airline, the staff are very quick to respond and take necessary action. Adding on to maturity, everyone is everyone’s friend. There is always tiny group flights being hosted not just by the staff, but the members too! That is what makes Southwest Virtual exceptional and outstanding. It’s members and staff. So join!


Sounds very convincing… let’s see about this.


You will not regret it if you join Southwest Virtual!


Oh no, I want to join, but I’m only 15 :(


@Aviation_1298 Our age requirements a very lax… If you act like a mature, reasonable person we won’t have an issue! Please fill out an application if you’re interested.


Thanks so much, you won’t be disappointed! I am currently apart of DLVA, ASVA and soon UVA. I will be an excellent addition :)


So many spelling issues with your Hawaii part of the thread. I am an island native and I know for sure Lihue isn’t on Kona and Oahu isn’t Ohau.


Just got the info from real SWA. 🤷‍♂️ Send me a PM with the correct info and I’ll fix it.


Would love to join!