We Are Southwest. Heart Sets Us Apart. Aloha Hawaii.

Nope, Southwest is not big at SFO whatsoever.

They have 10 destinations from there XD
compared to like 26 from SJC

And yes, SFO is a big hub, but you must be thinking of Alaska and United. This is Southwest.


That is incorrect. They have not announced service to the island of Kauai yet. Also, Southwest does definitely not do SFO to Hawaii yet as the airport is not even a focus city for them.

Alaska, Hawaiian, and United fly to Hawaii from SFO, with SWA not even stating SFO will be a destination for their Hawaii-bound flights.

If you would like to continue, send @BigBert10 and I a PM


Speaking of Southwest. My mother just brought me this hat from work today.


We are less than 20 minutes away from our inaugural service to Honolulu! Join us at Oakland for the six hour trip to Hawaii. Or, if you can’t make it, track us on LiveFlight or keep an eye on our Instagram story for live updates. Thank you to SWV pilots @BigBert10 and @GlobalFlyer1 for putting together our event today. Hope to see everyone there. More info to follow once we have landed.


We’ve been quite busy these past few weeks and just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been going on behind the scenes at Southwest Virtual.

Hawaii Service

We had our first official flight from Oakland to Honolulu this past Saturday. Over 20 of our Southwest Virtual pilots joined us for the nearly six hour journey across the Pacific Ocean. The flight was followed by the first service back to the mainland US the next day. We will be rolling out service from San Jose, Kahului, and Kona over the next several weeks. You can view our full Hawaii schedules here, and be on the lookout for some flash flights, especially with our interisland service!

Performance Report

Recently, we asked our pilots to take a survey on the direction of the VA and their overall experience thus far. We targeted six main topics including pilot features and freedom, events, staff, branding/public image, and general feedback. We have compiled the answers and our responses into a report that you can view here. We will be using this report and discussions from pilots to make appropriate changes to the VA and to make the experience for pilots at Southwest Virtual even better. We have already used these responses to make a few changes, which SWV pilots are voting on as we speak. If you have feedback of your own, don’t hesitate to use the contact form on our website.


Event Policy and New(ish) Event Director

Recently, we switched to an event policy that allows pilots to post their own Southwest Virtual Events, instead of having a dedicated staff member. We did this for a few reasons: (1) Staff-created events were not picking up much traction, especially within our community (2) We thought that if pilots were at control, schedules would better line up and events that they wanted would be posted and (3) Pilot freedom is always our number one goal at Southwest. There have been a few setback with this plan and during our survey, we found that most pilots would like to see an “Event Director” back in some capacity. So, pending approval from our pilots, they will split the load with a dedicated staff member. A maximum of three events will be posted each month by pilots’, subject to approval from the Event Director, and another one to three will be posted by our staff member. Additionally, internal events will also be posted by said staff member.

As such, we have opened up applications for an Event Director and will be accepting applications until 4.27.2019. We will have a pick by 4.29.2019. Please use the application below if you are interested.


Thank you for your continued support of the Southwest Virtual Community. We look forward to discussing this role with you.


In This Update: A quick announcement regarding our staff team and your week at a glance for Southwest.

We are pleased to announce that our new Event Director is @Plane-Train-TV (SWA1719). First joining in September 2018, and quickly climbing to become one of our top pilots, he is highly dedicated and will continue to push Southwest in the right direction. He brings previous experience has the CEO of his own VA, and also holding a similar position late last year. He will be responsible for coordinating our internal, external, and new TopFlight events, creating our featured routes, managing the event schedule, and working with pilots to promote their own events. Congrats, and welcome!

PTV has introduced a new featured route schedule, which will showcase some of the best routes from our network. It will also give pilots a chance to get extra flight time (we will be offering double time on days with the “2x” note).

Join us for some of our upcoming staff created and pilot created (promoted) events. We are showing the next staff event, and pilot events from this week only. To view the full schedule, click here.




Finally, we have slightly tweaked our graphics (specifically how we use our colors) to make it a bit easier on the eyes. We would appreciate if you would take a quick moment to fill out a survey on how you like the updated graphics. It should take less than two minutes and is 100% anonymous.

Take the Survey


In This Update: Our Brand New Booking Website has finally launched!

We continue to be the only VA with a passenger booking system! We continue to improve the VA everyday and this is what sets us apart from the rest. This new website features our new logo with a more vibrant and bold interface thats easier to use. Please enjoy the booking experience and come fly with southwest virtual any day, any time! Happy Flying!

  • Malachi L.
    Booking Director

New Booking Website!


Wow that’s really cool! I love the idea and it definitely has potential I just booked a flight with you all see you soon!


Hope we can fly with you soon!


We look forward to seeing you on board. Enjoy your flight @Ironman_Ballets @AviationJack.


Hello! I have applied to your Virtual Airline! How long is the wait time?


I’ll be looking at the applications later tonight, I will respond then.



Thank you! No problem if you can’t get to it today


Due to issues with our Crew Center, we will be holding off on accepting applications at this time and will resume once our Crew Center is operational.

If you have just applied and/or are in the application process and you have not heard back from us, we have not forgotten about you. We will contact you once this is sorted.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.



Where do I sign up

Applications are paused, wait a little longer and you can sign up!

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Look up one post, they are not accepting applicants at this time


thats weird, why?

Due to the crew center being down.It was stated above.

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Please Read what has been stated above. Thanks!