We are on the top paid games list!

We’re 61st in Japan, but in my opinion I would say that’s a pretty great accomplishment!

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ah no why rortos.

its the endgame now

IF has always been on the top paid list since 2015 on android. nothing new lol

Its cheaper,IF pro account cost more than top PC games .

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Even My App store in India it is number 2

Sure, the Pro subscription is more expensive than a base simulator on PC. But does anyone play with just the base game? On X-Plane 11, an aircraft will set you back at least $50; then you would want good engine sounds which will set you back another $20. Oh, and you want nice scenery? Another $20 here.

This isn’t taking into account the cost of a high-end PC which can run those flight simulators. Everyone has a phone or a tablet (even if it dates back a few years), so they can access Infinite Flight without a cost for hardware.

Also, you can’t just tilt your computer monitor to fly in PC sims. A basic throttle and a yoke will set you back at least $70.

So yes, a base PC sim is cheaper than a year of Infinite Flight Pro. But if you go and add all the costs from third parties, it will be way more than the price of Infinite Flight.

I hope that soon enough Infinite Flight will always be on the top lists with other popular games, so these topics can become obsolete and “the norm” :)



It’s different in every country I hope most of you realise


6th in Greece:

Also leave a review on the app it will help IF alot

Awh, the game is already going down the list from 4th to 6th. It’s also on Great Games 50% off in the App Store.

That is interesting, right next to RFS while us being Nr.1

What Region is this?

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—————————> Infinite Flight is number 9 Top Paid Games on the App Store in Ireland. RFS is not on the list

#1 on Great Games, 50% Off


#6 on Best Paid Games


I use the UK store.

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The country is english

Why is pj mask on the top 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


Minecraft will never go down from First