We are on the top paid games list!

Today one the App Store we are 4th in top paid games. Look for yourself


That’s cool and awesome to hear, but every game gets on that list at some point in it’s life just like this time.

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That’s awesome to hear!

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That’s great! What Country though?

Are you sure? I am nearly sure that every published game on the App Store doesn’t get featured there… I think the criterion to get into the “Top Paid Games” is the amount of downloads a game has.


In Google Playstore, it’s in Rank 17.


Number 6 in the Netherlands.
In Play store it is not in top chart (For NL store)

You can change country code in link to see other countries:
UK For example at number 8

Number 9 in Albania

Do we really need to make topics like this everytime this happens?

It’s nice and keeps spirits up @Linox


Its second on the Appstore in Qatar! Lets go IF!


Lol can’t believe real flight simulator is ahead of infinite flight it is such an unrealistic flight simulator. I guess it just depends on what the people play 🤷‍♂️

Different features for different people. IF is more about the global flight, sheer size and gorgeous aircraft, and less about the details (think RFS having window view, live chat, APU, weather, 3D buildings etc)

i think most people don’t understand the Quality VS. Price. Yes, RFS kinda cheap but the quality isn’t great.


For some reason I never thought infinite flight was this popular

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Number 13 in Australia!

Really good idea by IF to put the app on discount. Honestly never thought anyone from my country would buy it, and now its in the top 10

and RFS is in front of IF… No!

It’s been on the top paid games list for years, just in the background (around number 34)

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This list is 200 games long and most at some point make it on there.