We Are Connected @EDDF & EHAM To @KMIA & @KLAX - 180130ZMAR20

We Are Connected @EDDF & @EHAM All The Way To @KMIA and @KLAX

Information: We’re trying to form a conga line tonight! However, rather than having aircraft of one type or airline, we’re trying to broaden the horizon. We have multiple routes, and we will be creating flight plans in order to make sure that it is possible to create the conga line.

  • Route(s):

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Lufthansa A350 or A380
    Delta 777
    American 777
    KLM 777, 787, or A350
    TUI 787

  • Time of Departure: 2020-03-18T01:30:00Z

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Additional Information:

Flightplans will be created by us. We will let you know where to cruise as well as weight balance.

For those flying from EDDF (Frankfurt), flights start at 2020-03-18T01:30:00Z.
For those flying from EHAM (Amsterdam), flights start at 2020-03-18T02:15:00Z.

No Gate Assignments. Please let me know if you’re joining and I’ll add you to a PM.

The following people are joining me:

Name Aircraft
@Lufthansa2 Lufthansa A350
@thenewpilot KLM 777
@Royce KLM A350
@United2 American 77W
@ran Delta 777
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That is right. It occurs in an hour correct?

No @United2, it occurs in 2 hours.

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@Ecoops123, @TRDubh, @Imyash_Sharma, would you like to join? @Simon_Botero is joining as well.

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@Ecoops123 probably does not want to join!

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@Simon_Botero, which route and aircraft? You sure you can make EHAM-KLAX?

Nope. I’m usually flying continously around the clock so free time for me in Infinite Flight isnt really a thing. I always fly to the schedule 😂


Nice new profile picture!

All of 2 seconds 😂. Back to normal now.

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