We all in this Together #champions

Hello IFC,
As the Covid-19 outbreak as reached many of us personally including the ones in the aviation industry, my company made this cool little video of its employees and how much they mean to them! As I am in the video, this means soo much to me as I myself has been impacted and this was definitely a moral booster for me! To anyone who works in the aviation industry, pilots, rampers, flight attendants, mechanics just know we’re all in this together and we are champions! Enjoy the video and I hope you get a sense of pride! https://www.facebook.com/1506060836311868/posts/2562002817384326/?vh=e


The video is nice, and thanks for the motivation during these tough times! It is important to give motivation especially during a hard time period!

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Love the music. Great job!


Not my video at all! It’s my company’s! Just thought I’d share

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