We all have problems with ATC Playground

Alright we all have ATC playground problems… But the community cite is a place to share positive stuff about the game and for pilots to learn from others that enjoy IF! I can’t go through the list without seeing “This pilot didn’t listen” “ATC was stupid”… Complaining on the cite isn’t going to fix it, I’m sure they are aware of the issue and they are coming up with ways to fix it :) They are full fledged on trying to get the a320 out to us…


I completely agree with you!

Sometimes you want to ask why things happened, and often need to find username

Good call! The “playground” is for learning for all and mistakes will be made! Sure they are made on Advanced too ( I certainly am less than perfect!) as we are all human with different skills and experience.


Thank you :)

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Yes, but people can be less ignorant about the way they approach the person, Private message instead of calling them out in front of hundreds of people… It’s a bit of respect


Correct! I’m not perfect, neither are ACTUAL pilots, they can still improve on something :)

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Exactly, the time when anyone says they are perfect, that’s when mistakes are made. If they are a professional pilot these can have worse implementations than for others!

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Time to bump this!

Reminder: The community cite is for learning, teaching, and creating POSITIVE comments to other cool ideas! Not destroying the playground server…

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