WBKK-WMKK in the beatiful Malaysian 777-200ER

I did a night flight today from Kota Kinabalu Airport to Kuala Lumpur Airport!

Server: Expert
Time: 2:32

Taking off from Kota Kinabalu airport

A mediocre Moonshot

The Illuminated cockpit!

Descent into Kuala Lumpur

Short Final Runway 14R

Engine Reverse thrust view

Which photo was your Favourite?

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Love the photos!
a little dark on my side if i do say so myself…


Yes same here

Welcome to the dark side!

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Haha! IF photos are amazing.

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I like the photos (especially the moonshot)! It’s a little dark but we can even see so I don’t mind haha

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We have now entered the DARK zone. Great shots btw :)

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Thanks and yes, the DARK zone

illuminated cockpit is awesome !

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Thanks! Glad you liked it, I almost didn’t include it

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