Ways to use Foreflight in IF?

So, I used up all my Foreflight trial accounts (had two - one on my iPad, one on my iphone) long before I got hooked on IF - think itwas 2013/14 - and decided to semi-reluctantly buy the basic today just to “try it out for real” this time. I didn’t take the time to figure it out back in the day, sadly.

Anyway, it’s currently tracking sim progress to BOS from DEN, and I was just curious, what all can this tool be used for during flight? Much of the info I can get on FF I can get in the bottom info bar of IF.

How do you guys use FF in IF? Post below. Would love to hear your ideas!


@Stephen_Wilson is your guy for this. ;)

Just don’t make the mistake I made and buy it if you are on android. Its for iOS only… oops


I like that it’ll supply suggested routes that were filed recently based off of actual flights. And the ability to create aircraft profiles gives an even more accurate estimate in regards to how much fuel will be needed for that flight. Lots of features to explore!

I use it for

  • Briefing

  • Routes

  • Preformance

  • and much more feel free to PM me and I can list the more than 20 feutures

Synthetic vision seems nice, great for low visibility landings.

So i begin by picking my route and running it through SimBrief. I then use this beauty http://fpltoif.com/index to convert it to an IF compatible flight plan. Then, I take the new route, copy it, and paste it into a text message (must be iMessage.) I text apple’s order support number so im not bothering a real person. The reason for the text is so that I can copy it onto my iPad for the flight and use my iphone to copy it for foreflight. ForeFlight will sometimes not recognize the waypoints (the coordinates, usually) but once you send it to the map it all works out. I love it, especially for upper level wind and turbulence avoidance.

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