Ways to make my device faster on live

I have an iPad 2. Is there certain ways to make IF run quicker in live?

Lower your quality settings.

If you want everything too look ugly but want FPS then reduce all settings to low and change the display resolution to low.

Hope that helps :D

iPad 2’s are old software. With all the updates we will hopefully see you will need to update your device to a more recent one if you want to be able to play happily.

For now all I can say is to use lower graphical settings, which will improve speeds of play.

One thing you can do is turn off the runway numbers, red squares when landing and hiding the callsigns of other players. Also lower everything.

Yep change your device, also restart it after every flight and close your apps

Lower number of aircrafts visible

Max Sez, I have a 2 & an Air. Both provide excellant service with IF. Bottom line before you open IF clear the cache of all open/running App except IF. Reboot then go for it! I don’t use the kiddie wheel features like Glide Slopes & AirPort Locators there for Fledglings & Peanuts. Save your money, the 2 is an excellant vehicle.

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Go in an Airliner, your iPad will travel at 500+ knots. That’s pretty fast… (Sarcasm)


  1. Hide your Mini-Map
  • Avoid Busy Airports
  • Change your settings depending on traffic/device