Ways to go past the max range of the reworked 757?

I am looking to complete a 11.30h flight using the 757, but I am worried that the engines will flame out before I reach my destination (assuming a light cargo load and max fuel).

To further give some context, I attempted this flight on solo, flying at 33,000 and 34,000ft and came to the conclusion that the engines will flame out approx 30 minutes from destination. So is there a way to preserve enough fuel so that I can at least touch down and taxi on one engine?

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To get 11:30 you’re going to have to be essentially empty. If you want to carry pax/cargo, you can cut one engine like halfway in and you should make it.

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What route are you flying?!? XD

Jfk to Tashkent

Interesting 🤔

I did a 11:00 flight from San Jose, CA to Riga, Latvia the other day - landed with 400kg of fuel with a fuel emergency initiated through ATC (excellent service btw). Literally stayed at cruise as long as possible, then dived down at -3000fpm all the way down to the ILS cone to save as much fuel as possible through not levelling off at all.

At What altitude did you cruise at?

I did a flight from KEWR to SAEB with strong headwinds, and survived with around 200 kg left. I cruised 29000 feet with no pax/cargo. Flight time 11:28

Look at the winds condition, you might be able to preserve fuel by riding a tail wind, and when climbing out, do step climbs so you reserve fuel

If you don’t care about realism, cut your engines on descent and just glide down. Be sure to start them back up before you hit 10,000 though.

Also cut an engine on Cruise.

or takeoff for maximum unrealism


There is a fuel bug which makes faster speeds more efficient up to M.85. Be careful cuz overspeed is at .87 (don’t think the small margin is appropriate but whatever).

FL370 then FL390 then FL410

I thought the effects were null because cutting one engine causes the other one to burn twice as much fuel.

To maximise performance out of the B757 (without doing something dodgy like turning off one engine) you would ideally cruise at the green altitudes for the given weight (units for fuel flow are kg/hour for both engines combined):

It’s not particularly true-to-life at the moment, but this is a known issue which will hopefully be addressed sometime in the future. Here’s how things should look like:


not with the newer models

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