Ways to get violations

Here is the full list:



250 knots under 10000ft.
350 knots above 10000ft.
35 knots on taxiway
All speeds in airspeed

Obey all ATC instructions, without question (unless you get vectored into a mountain, which you probably won’t)

Thanks guys. What about ghosting though?

If you obey ATC instructions and don’t recklessly taxi through other planes/runways and follow ATIS, you won’t be ghosted

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Hello Golden_Pheonix,

There are multiple ways to get violations, and a few of our community members have been wonderful in creating this topic that explains violations and how can you get them:

For ATC instructions, make sure you follow the ATIS, (Straight out departures, no intersection departures, etc.) and you follow other ATC instructions to avoid getting ghosted. If you get ghosted, you can contact the controller via PM here on the IFC to dispute it, and the controller will be happy to assist you in explaining what you did wrong and how you could improve. Hopefully, this helped. :)


Aerobatic monouvres in active airspace and not listening to ATC instructions

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35kts groundspeed for taxiing

Thanks everyone. A mod can close this now

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I flagged this. You could have let ‘don’t be stupid’ out. Let’s keep it nice here

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If you follow ATC instructions you won’t be ghosted. If you are warned and didn’t understand why, make a screenshot and leave the flight emediatly. You could ask the Controller (or the forumj what was the warning about.

But there is one important thing about been ghosted: Do not, never ever, complain about it here in the forum! Contact the controller in DM ask for explanation.

Overspeed is the top score violation, happens often when you decend and missed the 10kft limit…
Second might be stall on approach or takeoff leading to a aerobatics…


As above have stated. Monitor your flights during all crucial stages, and only leave them once in a stable, steady cruise.

A common issue I see on the forum is people complaining that it’s not fair that their flight crashed while they were asleep and they picked up speed violations as they plummeted to their doom. In order to avoid that, there’s a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Make sure you have enough fuel for the flight, plus some in reserve. Be particularly careful of this in 747s, as these guzzle gas.
  2. Do not climb to the altitude you would expect to end a flight right at the beginning - FL320/330/340 is the norm, although some aircraft on particularly long flights might start their cruise as low as FL280. If you were being truly realistic you would then step-climb in 2,000ft chunks as you burned fuel and got lighter, but if you’re doing a long-haul while you sleep then start out at a moderate altitude and just accept that you’re not going to be going up to FL380/390/400/410 (unless you get up a couple of hours before you land).
  3. Set the cruise speed to what the aircraft is supposed to do, so M0.78 for A320s/737s, M0.80 for 767, M0.82 for A330/A340, M0.84 for 777, and M0.85 for 787s, A380s etc.

As said, and I will say again, monitor the flight during climb and descent, and be particularly vigilant about overspeeding as you descend below 10,000ft.

Hello there ;-) My question is how do I contact a ATC controller over DM if I have a question about something he told me to do for example?

If you know the name of the controller you can send them a message on the forum, by clicking on the magnifying glass, and searching their name.

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Were you at KSLC, if so you can pm me because i was the controller. :)

What airport where you at? Would help for us to better understand who the controller was.

Nah I didn’t had a problem until now with an ATC controller. Was just asking for the case that something happens ;-)

Check out the other topics linked above. I made one similar to those about how to avoid violations.

I never got a violation for the last one, I just despawn and respawn in a smaller aircraft

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