Ways to get cheap tickets quick

So as the title says, I want to find a way to get cheap tickets without credit cards and airline miles in the US. If there is a way, I’m probably going on a spotting trip.

Most tickets are above $80 US

The other chances that resell tick to for cheaper prices, are the ones you shouldn’t trust

I recommend a travel agent

Budget Airlines. Full Stop

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Travel in the US by air tends to be a lot more expensive than in Europe but there are some tactics that apply to both, the best I can think of is: book as far in advance as possible, this may be a bit more difficult though as you want to pay by cash, if your going spotting I’d suggest you take a pretty short trip as well htt could be cheaper.

in Canada now, we have a new airline called NewLeaf. the flights are operated by FlairAir’s 737-400’s

Where i live, the flights are as cheap as $79.00CAD One Way!

Where I live flights are as cheap as £8.00 one way

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We love to complain about Easyjet and Ryanair but for such cheap tickets it’s good value

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Fly Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, or Allegiant Air. If you’re flying just to take photos you shouldn’t have to pay many fees on top of your ticket.

Book your flight a long time in advance is what I’ve been told, though I can’t confirm this

Check this website


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