Ways to find windy locations on Global?

Is there a way to filter out airports with high wind velocities or simply bad weather? I know you can see the report of the airfield if you press on it, but instead; is there a way to see all airports with bad weather?


Windy.com always shows you the windiest places right now. I use it a lot to plan efficient routes at higher altitudes too.


Thanks Kevin, will look to see how it works with Infinite flight.

Wellingtion allways windy it seems.

Try this Tuesday/Wednesday there is big storm.


At higher altitudes I have found it is almost always 90-100% accurate. I’m sure it’s even better at lower altitudes.

Flown into Wellington quite a few times… Ironically it was really calm. Yes I’ll look out for the storm and see what happens then.

Flew into Wellington and had the worst landing on a a320…heavy crosswind

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Try PAOO in a decathlon on casual, get some VTOL fun in (40 knot winds currently)


Wellington can be spectacular , especially in the down under winter period. I’ve flown into Wellington many times, and I do recall a time when we were on short final that I (a passenger) could see the runway I’m front of us. Speaking of a crosswind landing 😀


Yeh I’ve flown into Wellington in real life too, however that was probably like 8-7 years ago.

Check out Worst METAR reports worldwide for flight simulation

Here you can sort out an airport’s weather according to

  1. High Wind
  2. Gust
  3. Visibility
  4. Lowest and Highest Temperature
  5. Rain, Snow, Thunderstorm

Very useful if you’re looking to fly in and out of an airport with horrible weather. Hope this helps! 😃


If you hit the other button you can also sort based on pressure.

Fly anywhere in New Zealand tomorrow. Tropical storm, would be fun to fly in

Yes sir! Not to mention you can alao sort according to region/zones!

You can always just google windiest airports in the world right now because IF uses real weather :)

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