Ways of recording video on iPad

Hey, I’m looking at recording video on infinite flight of my flight, what software do people use to record there videos?

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I’m not sure about this but if you have a MacBook, I think you can use QuickTime player to record.


This may help you if you own a Mac. :)


Thanks greatly

If you had a Samsung you can use Google Play

Last I checked there is no Samsung iPad’s…


Check for screen recording apps on the App Store?

Yeh that’s my plan just wanted to find out if there’s one specific one that sticks out for people

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There are no screen recording apps in the App Store unfortunately, but you can download AirShou from the internet. The app is great and I recommend it :)
You can also download Vidyo, which is also a screen recorder. Although I don’t like it much :/

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Last time I checked I wasn’t talking about an IPad.

The topic is about how to record on an iPad. Please read the title. No need to mention anything about a Samsung because that’s not beneficial to the topic creator.

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OK… But its still a similar concept. Lol whatever I’m not going to start a childish argument.

Cool thanks

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