Ways for ATC to thank good pilots

While doing ATC I’ve noticed that we have misc. messages for every type of bad piloting, but for thanking good pilots (which are most of them) we only have “Thank you!” and “Thank you, good day!”. Maybe it’s just me being overpolite, but i think it would be nice and quite easy (as compared to other features) to impliment, as ATc commands are voiced in a siri-like way

I think its fair to say that “thank you” or “thank you, good day” is perfectly fine.


I fully understand you at the moment, but replying “Thank you, good day” is pretty much enough when responding to the IFATC Service. Sometimes the Airport is just quite busy so I’d say it’ll be better on letting it stay as it is for the moment being. 🙂


In addition, if someone that accidentally did something that disadvantaged you with good intentions and they say, ‘I’m Sorry’, something like ‘All Good’ or ‘No Worries’ would be a better way to reply then saying ‘Thank you’ which doesn’t really make sense in that context.


Yea I think “Thank you, Good day” or “Thank you” is a perfect way of thanking pilots and ATC…


That’s what i’m talking about. Sometimes the included polite replies are just akward.


I use “thank you, good day” to a pilot who’s been good, and for me this works.

Or would you rather have a choice of messages ranging from: “goodbye, please don’t ever come back” up to “thanks for being an awesome pilot and actually departing straight out when you said you would”.

What would you have in mind for messages?


Fun fact, the audio will not play on our end if it’s busy to avoid clutter. Not like we’re waiting to hear your message out loud, just removes those types of messages. We do like them though.


My recommendation is:

You are unique man! You are brave heart! Please exit the runway and come to tower! We will celebrate your skills!


Love the sarcasm!

…wait, you were being sarcastic, right?

Nah, besides a little joke, it could be interesting. ATC will make pilot feel like a choosen one.🤓

I think a simple “thank you” will suffice. Less is better when it comes to chatter on the frequency. If you really want to thank a good pilot then find them on IFC. 🙂

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Yeah I do it to when ATC is smooth and fast with the orders, you kind of feel a chemistry I guess… not sure if I have expressed that right but it’s pretty close!

I think it would be a good idea! However I don’t have any votes left

I would love the ability to thank pilots for pulling beyond the hold short line after landing. I just appreciate it so much when pilots do this because there are so many expert server pilots that stop before it and cause disruptions on the runway.

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I do that all the time. In real aviation, I personally use that before being handed-off.

It will be, I think, more nice if the ATC, in person can say it to the pilot like in a radio (call)😊 or if pilots around 50nm can chat or speak together you know😅

I usually put my spoilers up and down to either give way or to say thank you

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