Hello IF community. So tomorrow I’m doing a flight from KSEA - LFPG, and I have my SimBrief plan all ready. And I’m getting a lot of waypoints like this; 60N040W. When I try putting it in to the IF map, nothing shows up. How do I work around this?

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I think u need to replace the letter with . Or /

put a / after the first set so for your example it would be 60N/040W

Hope this helps

anymore questions then feel free to DM me


Best thing for flight plans is FPL to IF just gotta add the arrival and departure and your good


Hey @RedWolf

I used many FPL sites and I would recommend this site here https://flightplandatabase.com/

The GPS format works pretty fine with IF but sometimes you have to delete some points :)

Hope that site will help you ! :)

Write in this format! 6000N/04000W this is the format Infinite Flight understands! If you write like this 60N/40W Infinite Flight will give you wrong waypoints!

Thanks everyone.

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