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So I’m still fairly new to IF, I have been playing for about a few months now on and off. When I do fly, I use the A320/321 and the A319. I mainly fly EasyJet routes, I just like them for some reason. Last night’s flight from Gatwick to Charles de Gaulle airport and I used a fair amount of waypoints. The only active runways were in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go, so I had to use a bit of waypoints to turn, you know? But my question is: How many waypoints should I use? Or how much is too much?

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It doesn’t really matter too much. You don’t always need waypoints if you’re simply on the other side of the runway. Just enter a traffic pattern to land and you’re good! (Assuming this is without ATC)


Firstly, the color of the runway doesn’t necessarily determine the active runway. Follow the flow of traffic if there is one.

In cases such as these where there isn’t a straight in approach, there is hope! As @AlphaSeven said, you can enter the traffic pattern for the runways in use. Here’s a picture of a basic pattern:


Basically, enter a left/right downwind for whichever runway, which is the runway heading you’re trying to land on +180°. Next, make a 90° turn to base, then make a 60° turn before intercepting the localizer (the centerline).

This is actually a much more realistic method than just setting waypoints to line yourself up. It’s especially good to know when you fly on expert and ATC tells you to go to a runway that you weren’t expecting.

Some STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) include waypoints that will set you up on a downwind, so you can use those (which I’d recommend most, since its the most realistic thing to do).

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


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There’s a large range of what I consider “acceptable”. Pilots who only put a few waypoints are probably not using enough, but if you have an absolute abundance of waypoints you’re probably using more than you need to. I always use fpltoif.com which gives you FPLs from real life. Happy flying!

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As Bravo Charlie said there are never to many way points in a flight plan. What I do if I am coming from a opposite direction is to just do input way points that go around the airport and then turn into the ILS path for the specific runway

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