Is there a place where i can request new waypoints to be added? so many waypoints are missing.

Here are some with the coordinates decoded for IF from fpltoif
FLOSI 4133N/7420W
DIWAN 3557N/4357E
FLASK 3701N/8019W
YEOLD 3619N/8112W
SCHUL 3548N/8151W
TDUNN 3526N/8217W
WLLSN 3510N/8237W
MHONY 3456N/8253W
TEDGE 3445N/8306W
GBAKE 3433N/8319W
WINNG 3417N/8338W
OZZZI 3405N/8359W
CALLA 3355N/8358W
POSEY 3345N/8358W
GARDNER 4233N/7203W

I don’t think there’s a set place to request waypoints to be added. Just copy the coordinates into your flightplan until the team gets around to adding them.

Hey there!

The Infinite Flight Navigation Team is responsible for adding waypoints and fixes.



Whilst the topic above is a little outdated, the gist is still the same. Feel free to message any of the members in the linked topic who are active and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help :)

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