As many people have seen, IF doesn’t yet have all the real-world waypoints or fixes. This is why I use fpltoif.com, a great website using to convert Fixes into Coordinates. I was wishing to do cross-country flying on a Cessna in Switzerland when the FPL that I entered didn’t work. I used decimal minute coordinates (N46°14.30’ E6°6.57’) and they do not work for IF flight planning. I used coordinates as there were no real-world waypoints there. Unfortunately, IF only accepts “1350N/2001E” and I do not know how to convert into that type of coordinate and how it is called.

Always search before you post! :)

Other formats Infinite Flight format
123.54N,80.42W 12354N/8042W
12S,80E 1200S/8000E
1N,1E 100N/100E

Your answer: 4614N/6060E

Try that, it may be incorrect but that’s what I have tried to come up with

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What is the best website on the net to be able to not only see a list of all the way points, VORS, etc… but also to be able to independently search for any specific nav aid as well…there use to be a falling grain site for that…but it seems to have disappeared when l last tried to Gooble it !!!