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I was flying from Shenzhen to Frankfurt yesterday. And there were nearly 10-12 waypoints unavailable in the map. So, I have to look for GPS coordinates and get them added into the flight plan. I made the flight plan using skyvector. Whenever, I fly from Asia, Russia or Africa, i am encountered with missing waypoints problem. Only a few of them get added. Can anyone look into this issue?
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It might be that there is a discrepancy between the AIRAC used in Skyvector and in IF.
It would be useful if you add your flightplan so that others could try to replicate.

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Try FPLtoIF, great place to get realistic flight plans!


I see, if this is the case then IF AIRAC cycle needs to be updated to the latest one.

Not really, I have used this tool but most of the time I find it unrealistic. Only when I fly short haul flights I get realistic fpl. For long hauls it fails to produce a realistic fpl. Also, it uses simbreif for producing a flight plan and unless we have an active subscription we cannot use latest AIRAC cycle (in simbrief), which is indirectly responsible for production of unrealistic flight plan.

Sometimes, waypoints don’t transfer perfectly into Infinite Flight.

Indeed, but I tried to search all of them individually, still they were unavailable.

It might be that those waypoints just don’t exist in the Infinite Flight system, though I’m not 100% sure exactly how that works from a technological standpoint.

We do update this from time to time.
But the data isn’t easily available. One thing I can say with a fair amount of certainty is that you probably won’t find us at the latest AIRAC cycle at any point in time.

There’s a reason Navigraph, Foreflight etc are as pricey as they are. The licensing costs for this kind of data are no joke.

Missing waypoints aren’t really a showstopper… better keeping the app at the same price :)

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