Waypoints off E vs W

So I was flying KBOS to KPBI today and I was excited to see that all the waypoints on my route including the RNAV STAR were in IF. However, the STAR waypoints were off in the West vs East deal. For instance on the FRWAY5 STAR into KPBI, AYBID, MIMMI, NEUBE and SWOMP were all off because they’re tagged as E instead of W. Seems to be maybe a simple fix but I’m no coder. I’ve posted pics of the IF coordinates and the actual FlightAware coordinates. As you can see, the numbers match exactly EXCEPT it should be XX.XXXW instead of XX.XXXE I will try to keep a running list of the points I find off like this, my flight to PHNL last night had something similar where the waypoints wound up on the other side of the world lol.

Yep you’re correct it should be West.

Odd it’s put in the correct spot since that’s what the editors use to add them though.


I noticed this as well I think its something that needs to be added is more waypoints it kinda faded with the release of global. Also, this looks like a great idea for a thread.

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Hi there, please refer to this post as it contains information on how to report missing waypoints (or any IF navigation related error) directly to Infinite Flight’s navigation editing team.


Thanks Mubashir! I’ll take a look see after my flight’s over in a few min

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A note for those placing coordinates “-” on longitude is equal to W while “+” is equal to E. On latitude “-” is equal to S while “+” is equal to N. Therefore the following are as such “-” Lat “-” Long = SW, “+” Lat “-” Long = NW, “+” Lat “+” Long = NE, “-” Lat “+” Long = SE

So I input coordinates and they were still all jacked up. I checked 4 Times Too. Here’s the IF coordinates vs the chart

As you can see, the first few coordinates are correct in the Flight plan but then it seems that I’d need the decimals to get the rest fixed up

Your last coordinate is wrong there is only 60 minutes in an hour so 78 is incorrect. You need to change the decimal coordinate to a deg/ minute coordinate.

Use this to convert to DMS format https://www.latlong.net/lat-long-dms.html

This should be your arrival.

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Thanks so much! I played around w the converter and got something close to that! I think it’s still missing SWOMP or NEUBE because the STAR goes further south before turning at NEUBE for SWOMP—> FRWAY

Probably just the difference in being able to add the seconds to it.

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