Waypoints & NAV fixes

some waypoints that i have on my charts can’t find in IF :((((

Could you give an example of one?

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Because IF dosen’t have all waypoints!

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I understand his frustration.

ATL is a good example. I found two sources of charts for ATL and in one chart all of the waypoints are non-existent and in the other one only some were present in both chart and sim.

You could try to substitute waypoints for absent ones. If there are no waypoints or NAV fixes for substitution I would just leave it blank.


Oh yeah. That’s true. Does this fall under IFAET?

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Yes it does you can join the Airport editing team and then move to the navigation editing where you add waypoints etc

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Infinite flight does not have every waypoint. You can easily work around this by using FPL to IF to generate your flight plans. It will automatically create a new waypoint (in coordinate form) if it does not exist in Infinite Flight.

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Also as an alternative you can find the coordinates of the way point and then add the coordinates into your flight plan

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Not many people know about this, but FPLtoIF has a waypoint lookup page. If the waypoint is invalid in IF, the page will give you the GPS coordinates to enter into your flight plan. Here’s the link:

I have, however, run into situations where the waypoint does not exist on the waypoint finder page either (this is common in South America). For this, you can simply head over to skyvector.com and enter the coordinates by searching up the waypoint.

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wooow it is like the FMS OR MCDU WOOOOOOOOW

Have you looked at the date your charts are from? Are you sure they are the right type of waypoints and not VOR DME fixes? We try our best to put in as many waypoints as we can with a system doing most of them then manually supplementing some of them. Would you be willing to provide those charts so I can inform the team of the issue?


2019 I have all the charts with update

Okay, if you can shoot me a PM with screen shots of it or something similar and let me know which fixes are missing exactly, I can request someone to have a look.

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