Waypoints in IF


I have noticed that some waypoints have gone in the recent update. For example at LHR, EDI and more. Wonder why that is?

If you have any examples of actual fixes, VOR’s etc, i’m sure @dush19, @Moritz or someone in the editing team can look it up for you.


Well the ones at EDI where there


Now gone, don’t know what they where called though I just remember using them.

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I have noticed it too near LATI.

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Also at FAOR, the ones I used for SID chats; APDAK and EGNEM, are gone.


This is pretty weird, we’ll try to investigate and see what happened to these fixes. :)


So the ones at Heathrow reflect the RNAV approach (waypoints like LL09F) featured in real life. EDI on the other hand is still waiting for approval of an RNAV approach and therefore doesn’t have any waypoints on approach.

@Aleks_Hancock I hope this solves your queries.

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That makes perfect sense as to the reason, but is there a reason that non-RNAV points couldn’t have been left in for fields for which those approaches haven’t been approved as of yet? Just consistency?

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It is mainly due to consistency. We are trying to phase out the older waypoints when we first imorted the data and replace with upto date waypoints.

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Thanks a lot, it’s not exactly causing any problems just noticed them disappearing.

Just to make sure, hit the gear icon and make sure there’s an “H” next to the fixes and VORs. If there’s an “S”, that’s why they are hidden.

APDAK added couldn’t find EGNEM

and at NCRG a point called KIWI is gone

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The fix “KIWI” needs another letter after it

what do you mean needs another letter

All fixes are typically 5Alpha format.

well this one isn’t and another KIWI that is in SK/NK exists

Wait it’s called KIWI,the type of waypoint?

I have indeed noticed a lot of waypoints missing.

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KIWI is even in Sim Brief

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