Waypoints & Fixes around Indonesia Region

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As I live in Indonesia, I would really enjoy flying through the islands. But at the moment I think there’s a lot of waypoints/fixes missing. Here’s one example, around WADD (Bali International Airport Ngurah Rai), there should be these waypoints around it. at the moment there’s only ENTAS shown.

image source : http://www.raysaviation.mono.net/upl/11626/bali.pdf

for the moment there’s only around WIII have more waypoints. I would love to se major city airports such as WIMM, WIDD of course, WIBB, WIMG, WIPP, WARR, WALL, WRBB, WAAA, WAMM, etc. had more complete waypoints around them.

Thank you.

You can find out information about missing waypoints here ;)
This is something for the airport editors to look at.


The IF navigation editing team is working on constantly adding new fixes once they have a reliable source of the lat/long information of the missing waypoints. If you believe you have the lat/long data of missing waypoints along with a reliable source, you can contact the team as mentioned above and they can easily fill in the missing waypoints.

In the meantime, I’ve written a little tutorial on how to make flight plans when using SimBrief even when listed waypoints are missing.

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I’ve bookmarked the topic so will add some of these soon. ;)

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Hi Thomas,
I’m just an ordinary IF lover and aviation enthusiast, so that thing really far too advance for me :))
I’ll let the devs or someone with more advance knowledge on adding waypoints to do it.

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I’ve just added GALKO and TIRAS. I’ll do some more soon.

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That is awesome my friend. Really appreciate it!

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