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So I wanted to open a dialogue about the waypoints in Infinite Flight so that we as a community can aid in fixing the issue where you file a flightplan and get some points that are half way around the world.

To start: Obviously the world is huge and with 13,000+ aircrafts flying in real life at any given time, numerous waypoints will be used to fly. Out of the many combinations of names for these points, I have no doubt that we will run into ones that utilize the same names.

So I have a few questions:

  1. How many waypoints utilize the same name?
  2. Is there a regulation on how far they must be from each other?
  3. Could we use something like (waypoint) East and (waypoint) West to identify which one of the 2 we are trying to utilize?
  4. How feasible is the development of a smart system that could determine which (identically named) waypoint you are trying to use based off your flightplan?

These are good points, I appreciate this. For me, it seems like t picks same-named waypoints around the world only when the intended one isn’t available in IF. It seems like the longer term solution is just fleshing out the library of waypoints, then if there are duplicates it would choose the one nearest to the last chosen. In the meantime I’ve got pretty good at converting decimals to arc-minutes in my head. Contrary to what others say I don’t think it’s a huge deal just to input coords

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There are waypoints that have the same name but different coordinates. When you file a flight plan and not waypoint searching the first waypoint will be selected and that may be on the other side of the world. The same is true with VORs sometimes you have to search the VOR and waypoint separately and add it in to position. Finally, some waypoints are missing as those are placed by certain Airport Editors and waypoints/ approaches are constantly changing so the waypoints in IF are quickly outdated.


So do you think a constantly updating system like the one used for weather is what is needed?

It would be possible all they may have to do is just get set up with an AIRAC system


There are approx 360000 different waypoints in my database. Here is a link to lots of areas




USA-I found that a few different SID/STARS I’ve used (ex the FRWAY5 STAR to KPBI or the MAGGI3 STAR to PHNL) have waypoints in IF with the correct names, however they’re on the exact opposite side of the world from where they need to be. EX: CASKI near KPBI is off in terms of East vs West. It’s somewhee in like Russia or exactly on the opposite side of the map. Same for MAGGI and BAMBO iirc. I had a thread on it titled “waypoints off e vs w” and I also found that a couple years back, someone asked for the FRWAY5 and the devs/Nav Guys fixed the files but they forgot to put the “-” in front of the coordinate for W.

This needs votes so bad!

Yeah maybe they need to look into the waypoints to make sure they are correct. It might be why there are some waypoints on the otherside of the world

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