Waypoints between Arrival STAR and Runway Transition

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I am doing a flight from LOWW-KORD, and with KORD being my home airport, I knew all the instrument procedures going into the airport for today’s flight. However, when I tried to file a STAR with a transition that gets me set up to the approach procedures, I noticed that there are a few waypoints missing that are apart of the KORD published procedures available online. What happens is that the end of the arrival STAR automatically connects with the beginning of the runway transition, however, certain waypoints in between are neglected. Does anyone know how to add these intermediate waypoints so that I do not loose my STAR designation in the FPL sidebar, or do I have to manually add them? When I manually add them, I have to break up the STAR procedure and thus loose this designation. I have already watched the new tutorial, and I cannot seem to find an answer.

Okay, so this is what I meant by the intermediate waypoints are missing between the end of the arrival and the beginning of the runway transition:

And when I go to fill in those intermediate waypoints, I loose the STAR designation in the FPL Sidebar

I don’t know of any fix to get those intermediates back. The are supposed to be filed along with the STAR according to the published procedures for KORD online.

The runway I was using as 10C, and the STAR was Wynde via Transitions for 10C

Thanks for the help in advance! 😁

What is the STAR name and what is the runway?

Work around: use WYNDE transition (the actual STAR) directly. Add the waypoints for the transition you are taking as part of the FPL.
Devs definitely need to be aware of this. None of the transitions include the actual STAR.

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You can add the STAR to WYNDE, put the waypoints in between (via the arrows on the FPL page or directly), and then the transition, and you should be fine.

I can’t file the STAR unless I add a transitional piece to it. I tried it today on my approach into KORD from LOWW. The menu automatically goes to the transition page, without having an option to just insert the arrival up to Wynde.

On the top of the transition page should be a no transition or radar vectors option, as far as I remember, which should work here.

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This is what I see upon entering the runway transitions page. I don’t have an option to not choose one. Without this, I cannot file the STAR.

I just checked and the US procedures work differently compared to the German ones I tried out. Sorry for the confusion, I hope someone has an idea how to solve this.

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@xsrvmy had an idea:

Instead of beginning the STAR from the SMM transition, he suggested to begin it at the WYNDE waypoint, and manually enter the waypoints before that. Maybe this is how you get those intermediates?

Might be, but that’s not really the idea behind the new tool, isn’t it?

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I believe this is a bug. It has to due with incosnsistent formatting I think. Just something the devs need to be aware of.
I think what is happening is that the data provider did not store the final STAR together with each transition, and IF is not handling it correctly. The other major issue ATM is the airport getting added as the last STAR point and that’s a bigger problem. You would just have to remove it when you are close to the end of the STAR.


That’s my point. Those intermediates waypoints should be appearing even if you choose the transition beginning from SSM or WYNDE.


I may bring this to the devs/mods. But I’m hesitating as this isn’t a major issue like the server overloads?

This category will get attention from the mods I think.

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