Waypoints ATO Time

With the use of alot of FlightSim websites and applications; even for the real life pilots; mostly to the airliners sides, the need fo a NavLog Time history becomes more and more clear. Through out any flight rules and aircraft types, the job of a pilot in the cockpit is chained with numbers and time .
[SimBrief for example]

What is a “NavLog” ?

A Navlog is the general list of waypoints that list every waypoints of your flight from Takeoff to Landing at destnation. It may inclued the bearing of each of them, the distance of each of them, the Altitude FOR each of them and the estimated time to ( reach and when you reached) each of them through out your flight.
All of this mentioned features already exsits in the Sim.

Why a UTC time for each past waypoints ?

Through out the dutty of an airline pilot, the fill of a the NavLog is an important task bordered with some additional informations brought by the airline to keep an eye on inside those advenced aircrafts. The puspos remain the same but the survellance items are more numerous than the VFR navlog.
It may inclueds the fuel Burned, the fuel remaining and the ATO (Actual Time Overhead) as additional informations for the pilots to make sure their flight is on the right track and will arrive at destination safely in accordance with their preparations, predictions and check the flight schedual, if they are Late or Ahead of shedual.

Why an ATO in IF ?

I realised that something is missing in the Sim, something that many will surely love to see within their screens during their longhall flights, and help the curious IF pilots to understand more the work of an airline pilot.
The ATO will be activ from the last “TIME AJUSMENT” made (not the local time) when starting their flight and from the Takeoff time in UTC, to each waypoints overflown, the Navpage will capture a time in UTC UU:HH till the landing Time as an example made below…

ATO example in yellow

Interesting - I would certainly like to see more parameters in the flight plan.

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good idea !

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Yes! This would be sooo helpful!

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